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June 7, 2000
At Fitzgerald's
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
June 10, 2000

Uncle Dig Heading over to Fitzgerald's for a Wednesday night show involving Fearless Records recording artists, and local drunken, perverted hoodlum band, Bickley. For those of you who don't know, Bickley is a straight ahead punk rock band with some songs that would make a porn queen quiver in ecstacy. The tales of porno stars, beer, wall fuckers, making it through the work week, and serial killer uncles make seeing Bickley an interesting experience. The show started with the typical taunting of the audience, and then proceeded to kick ass. It was nice to see Dave Wreckoning back behind the kit, but sad in the same respect to see him without a beer. But as the rest of the band says, that leaves more beer for everyone else. And I think picking up the slack will be no problem for these guys. This was also the first show I had seen since Ben Fondled was parolled and resumed his position as vocalist/storyteller. Bill Fool has a nice new Rickenbacker bass, and a nice bushy head of hair which he didn't have last time I saw them. Then we come to Uncle Dig....well, Uncle Dig never really changes. Over the past 4 years, Dig has been...well, Dig. Which is a key statement of his being, if it's already a little twisted, leave it alone!

The set as usually rocked hard. Ben and Dig snarling out the words on lead and backing vocals respectively. The set hit all the old favorites, they even played "Call Girl" which they haven't played in forever. The set rocked for nearly an hour, and the guys played nearly every song they knew. They even played some new ones. It was nice to hear everything flow. Everything was tied together very well, and the sound was way tight. During Ben Fondled's absence, Dig, Bill, and Dave were able to get much tighter as a music group. So now with Ben Fondled back in the line-up it makes the band much better. And they already kicked ass before Ben left. The crowd went nuts for "Down The Hatch" and "Pink Power Ranger". I think everyone in the room was chanting "I wanna fuck the pink power ranger!" The sing-along quality of Bickley makes their shows that much more fun. Audience interaction is huge with them, so if the crowd is having fun, so are they.

The show ended with the ever classic Cars song "Best Friends Girl". They even did a Cheap Trick cover. Amazing. It was nice to see the band up there drinking beer, smoking, and singing about crazy shit without having to hear someone whine or gripe about how all those things are bad. Sometimes it's best to sit back, pull the stick from your ass, and enjoy everything around you. Bickley is a great band with nice members who love their fans, and they just enjoy having fun and being silly. It's nice to see people still do that, and even better to see there are bands who endorse it. Thanks Bickley!

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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