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Bon Jovi
April 5, 2003
Staple's Center - Los Angeles, CA

Susan Salva
Contributing Writer
Bon Jovi
Photo Copyright 2002 Kevin Westerberg

During a recent Bon Jovi concert with The GooGoo Dolls as the opening act, Bon Jovi commanded the audience for over two hours, performing one hit after the next. Three simulated massive radio antennas in the background seemingly transmit the band's performance to locations around the planet watching the broadcast. The antennas adorned the backdrop, near the rear portion of the stage, swiveling around as green and blue laser lights lit up the Staple's Center.

The antennas did a 180-degree turn and then transformed into jumbo screens to be used as a means of connecting to their fans in this 30,000+ arena. If you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, the antennas provided the audience with the ability to see and be up close and personal with the band.

The set, high concept, provided a panorama view of each member of the band whom demonstrated their seasoned nature and approach toward touring and connecting with their fans. Bon Jovi has withered trends in and out and their music remained constant and accepted by thousands of fans throughout the course of nearly twenty years. Like other veteran musicians derived out of the '80s, Bon Jovi have found an eternal way to remain relevant.

Jon Bon Jovi has the energy of the proverbial 'Eveready bunny', as he took to the stage it was exhausting watching him perform effortlessly and the exciting show, but even Jon continued on and 'kicked it up a notch'. He was running up a black-bridge like messed planks on each side of the stage to bring himself even closer toward the audience and including the fans in his performance. His energy was infectious and you couldn't help but get wrapped up in the fury of his emotion.

The Bon Jovi & Sambora songwriting team has not only churned out many notable hits, but have a true love and respect for one another and not in an odd way. Since 1983 the duo have written scads of hit songs, many number one hits, but they've taken their lumps along the way as well. Through all the fads, one hit wonders and styles that came and went Bon Jovi has remained consistent and ever true to their own musical style.

Susan Salva is a Contributing Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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