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The Bouncing Souls
November 2, 2003
C.B.G.B.s - New York City, NY

See More Pictures Here Tom Fraher
Staff Writer
Heather Schmidt
Staff Photographer

The Bouncing Souls wrapped up their Anchors Aweigh tour at THE punk hall, CBGB. With openers Let It Burn, Tsunami Bomb, and Strike Anywhere, the show promised to be a fun, energy-filled performance.

Having only been to CBGB briefly once, not even to see a show, I was very excited: seeing a great band play at the breeding ground of punk rock. I knew that the place was a dive, only hearing the stories about the bathrooms and the graffiti littered walls, but I really had no clue. The place was a dump, a garage that seemed to have left over, old furniture and year's worth of flyers all over the walls. The floor was filthy, the walls were filthy, everything was filthy - and I knew why this place is so hallowed by people, and why bands play their best there. Jersey's Finest

It's the only place to see a real punk show. The small stage off-center, the narrow floor leading to the tables and long bar on the side, no barriers or brute security in the front; it's just a club that kids can come to and see a show and have fun. I wasn't in for five minutes before I knew I was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Let It Burn played well, their furious thrash quickly plowed through their segment, and Tsunami Bomb came out playing their more melodic-style punk rock. Strike Anywhere was absolutely amazing live, feeling the energy of the crowd and making it grow into a frenzy of people screaming along to the lyrics and going ape all over the place.

As the Bouncing Souls set up, the crowd chanted "Here We Go!" until the guys came out. They were ecstatic, grinning from ear to ear as they grabbed their instruments; they could feel the unique energy pulsating throughout the crowd. Their set was fantastic, playing the choice cuts from their new album Anchors Aweigh, to "oldies" like "Hopeless Romantic" and "Lamar Vannoy."

The band didn't even get a chance to go offstage to do the traditional "return to play the encore" before the crowd screamed and yelled for them to stay on. The band asked the crowd what they wanted to hear, and played some requested tunes. As they announced that the final song would be played, they invited anyone who wanted to come up and sing with them - somehow everyone in CB's made it onstage to sing and jump up and down with them. It was a great way to end the tour, and a great way to see any show.

Tom Fraher is a Staff Writer. Contact him at tomf@rockzone.com.

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