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The Breeders
w/ Imperial Teen and Poster Children
August 12, 2002
Numbers - Houston, TX

Jay Debauchery
Staff Writer
The Breeders (Press Photo)
The Breeders return to Houston after a successful "reunion" tour and with a new album under their belts that has been getting rave reviews allover the place. Just like Title TK the bands show did not disappoint.

Kicking things off was the Poster Children. These guys would've been huge if they came out in the early 90's. Sort of like the Breeders were with Last Splash but with a harder edge to the music. The band was very energetic and interesting to watch but the music lacked greatly. The singer sounded so much like Frank Black that I figured Kim Deal chose bands for the tour that sounded like her previous and current catalog of work.

Towards the latter half of their set, the Poster Children got pretty tired and boring which made it clear why they were given the opening slot on their dates of the tour.

Once Imperial Teen came up, I was almost certain that I would be proven wrong about my previous hypothesis. Unfortunately, I wasn't. I've heard this band before and was pleased with what they were putting out: simple yet quirky pop songs that could not easily transfer over to the radio crowd. Sort of like the Breeders. The band lived up to this assumption but completely ruined everything they had accomplished by playing that annoying song from the movie Jawbreaker during the final quarter of their set. You know what I'm talking about, right? The song that got played EVERY FUCKING TIME THE "POPULAR" CLICK OR ONE OF THEIR CRONIES WOULD WALK DOWN THE HALL. It was just too much to handle.

After that, it was very hard to enjoy the rest of the songs. Once you realize that a rock group has committed something as horrible as "Yoo Hoo," pumped out over a monster P.A. that was inescapable. After that musical travesty was played, it was very difficult to enjoy the remainder of Imperial Teen's material.

It didn't matter at all, though, once the Breeders took the stage. Before they went on, a friend and I got to meet the Deal sisters and were pleasantly surprised with how cordial they were to us. Well, Kelly was kind of a bitch but it makes sense from what I've heard. Still, she wasn't involved in anything as groundbreaking and revolutionary as Kim was so there is no excuse for that behavior. All is forgiven though.

Totally unexpectedly, the band began their set with an Amps song. "Tip City" was a very welcome opener to the legions of young fans who were thumbing their nose at the city's curfew to witness a great rock show.

From there, the band equally spread themselves among selections from Pod, Last Splash, and Title TK. The Breeders always provide a very well rounded set that gives fans a taste of the groups entire history. However, the crowd was in for a special treat on this humid August night. While in New York, the Breeders performed "Angry Inch" from the greatest musical ever, Hedwig and the Angry Inch with the show's writer, John Cameron Mitchell. It had been rumored since that even that the band would be performing the song on the remainder of their tour. Thankfully, Houston was lucky enough to experience Kim and Kelly handing over vocal duties to one of their guitarists to perform the gender-bender manifesto.

This, following a cover of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme, sent the diehard fans into a hysteria that would make N'Sync cringe in envy. Yes, it was that good. This is what the Breeders delivered after a massive set along with more crowd favorites which still left the fans howling for more.

The cries and pleas for more tunes were denied however, but the impact that the Breeders made on many young fans and Kim Deal followers is something that they will never be able to shake. Fuck the White Stripes, fuck the Strokes, and most certainly fuck the Vines. Maybe the packed house of a dingy goth nightclub experienced the continuation of something the record industry has long been trying to recreate. Good luck, guys. As long as the Breeders are around, I'd say those efforts are futile.

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