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Boy Sets Fire/Ann Berreta
June 24, 2000
At Instant Karma
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
June 29, 2000

Boy Sets Fire Have you ever been to a show that totally changed your outlook on the music community? Well, I've been to a few shows like that in my life, and this was one of them. I was left in awe by the time Boy Sets Fire ended their set, and in turn finished the night. I saw 3 great bands, one hardcore newstart, a 3-piece punk ROCK band, and a schitzophrenic hardcore band. I had gone to the show expecting to hear some good music, and have a little fun, but this was no ordinary show, it was something to remember for a long time.

The first band of the night was Will To Live. They're a local fledgling hardcore band looking to find it's niche, and it's not far from it. They had the whole venue into it. They were tight, and hard. The lead singer, Robert Galdamez, was awesome. A lot of kids were singing along, and he let them all have their turn on the mic, sticking it in anyone who was willing to sing alongs face. They had good energy, a strong sound, they got the crowd envolved, they're a really good live band. I was impressed with them.

Ann Berreta was up next. They were so awesome. It was cool to see them because 2 of the members were in a band I used to love called Inquisition. I got right there in front of the stage to enjoy the set, and I did just that. I dug the sound of Ann Berreta, they had a very rock n' roll/folksy sound for a punk band. You have to love any punk band that has a guitarist with a capo on his guitar. They played a strong sets, and broke off some great rock n' roll music for everyone to enjoy. They too had some great energy, and very listener friendly songs. You had no choice to dance along, and maybe even bump into a few people. It really wasn't mosh music, but it was bounce around get crazy music, which is better than mosh anyday.

The final band of the night was Boy Sets Fire. They rocked the house. They got set up, and kicked straight into "After The Eulogy". All at once, everyone in the whole club chanted "RISE! RISE!" over and over again. The band fed off this nicely, and proceeded to get everyone into the set. They even did a nice job of explaining what a lot of their songs were about. They even played a requested song, fittingly called "Unspoken Request" which as they stated was "a song about coping with rape, and having people being 'too uncomfortable' to acknowledge it with you or help you cope". Halfway through the set, the band stepped aside to let some people speak about a local no kill animal shelter that was struggling to make it. It was nice to see a band promote their message, and let other use their popularity to relay an important message. This was a great moment for me, it's nice to be able to put faith in the thought people can do the right thing.

As the evening closed, I did my best to talk to the guys from Boy Sets Fire and to get interviews, and I was able to pull it off. I was excited to do it because I wanted that night to last a lifetime, it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been a part of. I'd like to thank Chad Istvan for being cool and getting Nathan for me so I could get an interview. I'd also like to thank Dan @ Lookout! Records, Matt @ Victory Records, and all the bands from kicking major ass. It was a memorable show, if these bands come to your town, don't miss the show. It will be amazing.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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