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The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag
w/ The Curse and Pipe Down
September 26, 2002
Irving Plaza - New York, NY

Meredith Goldberg
Contributing Writer

After seeing the sound checks for The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag, my anticipation for this show started to increase. Then the crowd started to come in and it was very clear that I was certainly not the only one awaiting this show.

The two opening bands were The Curse and Pipe Down. Both of these bands were new to me. I was very surprised and impressed by just how good they both were. They both played fun, energetic punk rock and proved that all new punk bands don't necessarily suck. I especially liked when Pipe Down played an awesome cover of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell."

When Anti-Flag took the stage, the crowd was totally hyped at ready for them. I was never a big supporter of Anti-Flag, but I can not deny how much their fans go crazy for and love them. I gained a lot of respect for this band when they made an announcement that they were going to a rally in Washington the next day. It was good to see a band that does more than just complain and actually gets involved. Their set included such songs as, "Stars and Stripes," "Police Brutality," "Underground Network," and they closed with fists in the air for, "Die for your Government."

The Bouncing Souls finally took the stage and gave the crowd what it was waiting for. They played such old favorites as, "Kate is Great," "I Like Your Mom," and "Quick Stop Girl." They also played a lot of new songs from their upcoming album. The new songs sounded a bit mellower, but were still great.

As an encore, Anti-Flag came back out with The Bouncing Souls. They played a few songs and were very obviously having a great time doing it. It was an excellent way to end the show and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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