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October 27, 2001
At C-Squat
New York, NY

by Alex Rud
November 2, 2001

The second anual "Cracktoberfest" was on in full efect. Every single crust punk, from every corner of NYC (and beyond) showed up for this (not to be missed) event.

I missed a whole shit-load of bands, for which I don't really care for. I arrived in the midst of the A$$troland's set. A$$, in my oppinion, is a horrible band. Their singer sounds like an ass when he screams, and their songs are about stupid subjects (which I don't want to get into).

Shortly after, Crackrocksteady 7 (or should I say Leftover Crack) came on. LOC always brings their best set to Cracktoberfest, and they did just that tonight. I have not seen such a crazy LOC show in a long time. People were going crazy and so was the band. The band's sound, particularly Stza's vocals were kind of out of it. I guess it was the microphones that made the vocals song so bad, but it was a punk show, so the quality didn't really matter for the evening.

LOC played a surprisingly large amound of Chocking Victim songs, which made me very happy. They played: "500 Channels," "War Story," "Infested," "Suicide," and finished off with the ever-so-popular "Crack Rocksteady."

After LOC all the crusties left, so there were like litterary 50 people watching 2MA. That, however, didn't ruin their set. I actually thought 2MA sounded much better than LOC, and that's why I love them so. What made the set even funnier is the fact that Spag wore a sXe Gorilla Biscuits and holding a bottle of Captain Morgan in his hand-classic!

2MA played their usual songs like: "Zamboni Driving Maniac," "I Had A Dream About Hockey," "Opinionated Motherfucker," and much, much more.

This year was fun, despite having to deal with a bunch of crusties passing out from beer, and people smoking around me. I will come back next year only if 2MA plays again. If they don't, then it's just not worth making the trip to the shit (and who knows what) infested C-Squat.

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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