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Stockyard Stoics,
Thulsa Doom, Varulent Strain,
Two Man Advantage, IN-DK,
and Choking Victim
November 11, 2000
At Thompkin Square Park
New York City, NY

by Alex Rudd
October 13, 2000

Chocking Victim The morning of Nov 11th, I woke up excited. No, it wasn't one of those morning wood experiences; I was excited because I was gonna see one of my favorite bands of all time, Choking Victim!!

I met up with all my homes down by the cube and we all headed toward Thompkins Square Park. When we got there, the first band, Stockyard Stoics, were taking the stage. Having previously seen them and bought their 7"; I was excited that they were kicking things off. SS played a power driven set; playing all the songs from the 7" as well as other songs, with which I'm not too familiar with, but all I can say is they kicked a lot of ass.

Next up was the local favorite, Thulsa Doom. Now, I know a lot of people like them and I can see why, but I just don't dig their music. However, they did get the crowd going, so I give them props. Plus the lead singer is hot.(Don't mean to sound like a 12 year old girl)

Varulent Strain took the stage next and I was pretty disappointed in their sound, well they sucked, let's just put it that way. The vocals were off, and downright, annoying; plus, their music was way off.

After that awful, awful band, my friends and I decided to walk around. When I returned, Two Man Advantage was taking stage. You could tell they liked hockey, because all the band members, were wearing, full hockey uniforms and so did their fans. They set was awsome, good clean Hardcore fun; the pit was full of people in hockey uniforms and even a referee there, how kinky is that!

All sweaty from Two Man Advantage; I waited impatiently for IN-DK to come on, they started with my favorite song "Start It Up", then went on to play a short set, consisting of maybe 8 songs tops! Ending with a crowd pleaser, "Living with L.E.S", a song about the Lower East Side of course!!

The lead singer and the drummer, from IN-DK, stayed on stage, because they are part of Choking Victim, they were joined by another member of the crime family, Stza, (the lead singer of Leftover Crack and of course Choking Victim).

It didn't take them too long with getting things started and so the "madness", that is CV set began. The opening song was, "Choking Victim" and the crowd went fuckin ape-shit. The energy of the band and the crowd was so intense that,"madness" is the only word that come to mind, as they went through their crowd pleasers, such as "500 Channels", "Apple Pie" and "Police State", "War Story" and "Crack Rock Steady".

After getting kicked in the head, dropped while stage diving, and having my shirt almost ripped off, I didn't think anything was gonna be better. Stza, the lead singer, announced the last song, "Death Song".

Now, I know it is a good song, but I was disapointed, because they didn't play my favorite Choking Victim song of all time, "5 Finger Discount" after the band was finished with their set and were about to get off the stage, the crowd was screaming for more. Everyone screaming out different suggestions for songs that they should play. Taking the opportunity I began screaming "5 Finger Discount" at the top of my lungs; I guess they heard me, because they immediately began playing the bass intro to the song and everyone was singing along.

After that, some guy was giving political messages with techno music in the background, I didn't want to stick around for him, so I left.

The show was definitely one of the best shows that I have ever been to and believe me; I have seen my share of good shows. I hope CV comes back to do another show sometime; but for now I will enjoy, Leftover Crack and IN-DK. See you next time at Thompkins!!

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at misftskull@aol.com.

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