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David Allan Coe
May 30, 2002
Garden in the Heights - Houston, TX

Jay Debauchery
Staff Writer
David Allan Coe (picture from www.davidallancoe.com)

This was a free show that received minimal promotion but word of mouth must have really gotten around because the Garden was overrun with all sorts of people anxiously awaiting to view the original country rebel.

Playing to a VERY diverse crowd Coe strayed away from playing many of his classics and delivered an amazing set that had a lot of covers. Of course, some of these were songs that Coe wrote himself and that others got famous over. Included were some songs he wrote with Kid Rock (not bad music wise but you can tell who wrote the lyrics) and Pantera (pretty good sounding).

There was some new material played and it had a very sad tone. A song about a couple of his children abandoning him brought the crowd to almost total silence and a few people dropped some tears. However, there were some jag off’s who felt that Coe’s more somber ballad’s weren’t worth their time and began walking away from the stage to stand in a half hour long wait for flat overpriced Bud Light. The country legend responded by pretty much telling those folks to get fucked and a roar came from the crowd. No one left the stage area after that.

This was all followed by a very emotional tribute to his recently deceased friend Waylon Jennings which started with a brand new song almost as sad as the last. Coe really has a knack for telling his audience funny and touching stories that lead right into what he is about to play. The Jennings tribute, which included some snippets of the mans songs, went over very well as everyone raised their plastic cups in a toast with Coe as he slammed a shot of Jack Daniels.

A few rockin tunes were played as well but it was mostly a mellow set. No complaints here but some people really eager to shake their love handles and spill beer allover the person next to them and they looked a little bored.

The set was ended with his barroom ballad, “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”, which was just one big sing along. This was followed by an Allman Brothers cover and then he left the stage.

Even at 62, sitting on a stool, playing a Dimebag Darrel guitar painted with the rebel flag Coe still manages to entertain as well as make you laugh and cry all in an hours time. In the end, isn’t that what a great country singer is supposed to do?

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