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June 13, 2004
The Viper Room - Hollywood, CA

Susan Salva
Contributing Writer

Evolocity the modern hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona performed a flawless set at the Viper room in West Hollywood on June 13, 2004. Playing for less than a capacity crowd the band kicked butt performing as if they were gigging at a much larger venue. They are not only professional, but they are versatile too. They play their own brand of hard rock which is a blend of melodic riffs, dark, funky and edgy music, plus some insane head banging thrash metal. Each member is doing something interesting on stage for they are never lacking energy. Performing songs from their Helicoil CD they graciously handed out CD's to their fans and brought the house down.

A "helicoil" is a tool used to cut a new path through something that is worn outůsomething that needs to be re-threaded. "I like to think of Evolocity as the "helicoil" that is going to re-thread today's music scene," says Aaron Ingham, lead vocalist. In the sea of hard rockers Evolocity stands apart as a band to be reckoned with. There are few musicians that bring the excitement to their show that is demonstrated by Evolocity in their live performance as well as on their CD.

"Save Me," the first song performed in their eight-song set was hard hitting and heavy rockin'. The music definitely woke the audience up after being lulled to sleep by the forgettable opening act. "You can hear strokes of color from our influences, but in the end it's entirely new sound," says Shawn Baker, lead guitarist. And talent is abounding. Efrain Gonzalez is multifaceted musician playing keyboards, sax, turntables for a bit of techno sound and guitar.

"Cockeyed," was dark and raspy, with a little bit of techno appeal. Through their live set they demonstrate how diverse the band can be. Ryan Anderson slaps that funky bass guitar making the sound come alive. The rhythm set was tight. Their music challenges and stimulates your mind. It is music that moves you with melody but can also bowl you over with aggression and shear power.

"Set You Free," was a stand out tune. The haunting melody is one that sticks in your head for days to come; a great guitar riff. "This is a song about people making excuses for their shortcomings. Kinda like, shut up. Leave it up to me. It is like if you want something done right you've got to do it yourself," says Ingham.

"Dog lover," Ingham, the lead vocalist has an awesome sound to his voice. At times and demonstrated in this song about a love for dogs his voice is reminiscent of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. "I have three dogs and I like spending more time with them than most people," said Ingham.

"Duhwayne," has a rockabilly tone to the song with an intense sax solo courtesy of Efrain, the jack-of-all-trades. "Duhwayne" is probably on of the best songs on the CD and in the live set.

Evolocity is absolutely incredible live. If you liked their CD you will be blown away by their professional polished performance. There are few bands that live up to sounding great on the CD and Evolocity delivers the goods. Check out them live in your neighborhood, you will be pleased that you did.

Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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