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Eyes of Hate
w/ On The Rise, The Brimstones, Berzerkers, Steel Toe Solution, Scofflaws
March 23, 2002
CBGBs - New York, NY

Alex Rud
Staff Writer
Eyes Of Hate (file photo by: eyesofhate.com)

So this was the second show that my friend Emiel was putting on. Just like the first, this one was overly successful and filled with great bands.

I got to CBGB within 10 minutes of Eyes Of Hate going on at took a seat. I thought that EOH was goon, but people were just not participating which made the whole set a bit boring.

This was the first show that I saw where EOH didn't cover "In My Eyes" by Minor Threat. Instead, they finished the set with an Agnostic Front cover "Eliminator," which actually got some loyal AF fans to move around and show the band what they got.

On The Rise was really good, but nothing to really write home about. The band was good, no doubt about it, but when the audience didn't really respond, the whole set turned to shit. I thought the band gave it their all and had energy despite the crowd being really dead. This is something a lot of bands won't do because of self-esteem issues.

Brimstones was probably the best band of the night. A lot of people at the show had never seen them before, so I knew that they would be in for a treat along with surprised and a bit frightened.

Fronted by the sax player of the Inspecter 7 family, the band was breaking out their surf/garage rock -mixed with a little ingredient know as evil-sound. At first the crowd was a little dumb founded, but people quickly got over it and started dancing, which was a first for this show (the most part).

The keyboard played cut his finger, and as a result of that, his whole keyboard was red. The highlight, however, was during their "Surfing Bird" cover, they keyboard player climbed up on this little tower and jumped off with his guitar in his hand. I was amazed, but more so that the CB's stage didn't break in.

Berzerkers was the first hardcore band of the night (and the last) to get the kids to dance. The dance floor was filled with a bunch of crazy mofos dancing around and smashing into people on the side. The band, especially the singer, really showed energy and got into the set.

That insane Oi band which goes by the name of Steel Toe Solution. I normally stray from Oi, but since the singer is Doug (a member of the I7 family) I was determined to check them out.

Steel Toe Solution was just amazing. I thought that they were just a good band and didn't have every song about drinking beer and hang out with your "mates."

STS played a weird but good cover of the English ska band The Bodysnatchers called "Rude Girls." Doug sent this song out to all the skinhead girls in attendance. STS also went on to cover a Cock Sparer tune which got everyone to sing along (Oi!).

The thing that took the cake was when STS covered the only Oi tune Inspecter 7 ever wrote "Junior Guzzler." The old I7 fan went fuckin insane. You can tell that the people were hungry for some I7 material and the former frontman was not going to leave them empty handed.

The most stoned and wasted band in the ska scene (no really) came on next.

The Scofflaws brought their infectious and quality 3rd Wave Ska sound. I really didn't dig them the last time I saw them, but they defenately improved this time and actually sounded like the band I fell in love with.

The Scofflaws played most of the crowd favorites like "Paul Ghetty," "You Left the Backdoor Open," "Nude beach (La playa nudista)," and more. The band walked off the stage at this time, so that they could go back on and do an oncore.

The band returned to do 2 more songs. First song was the one everyone was screaming for the whole set "William Shattner," during which the crowd was running from side to side in the clun (like a space ship, get it?). This activity has been a part of the Scofflaws' set ever since the song first came into being.

The second song was a take on the song "Boots." This version has some lyric changes like instead of "These boots are goona walk all over you" the band appropriately changed the lyrics to "These boots are gonna stomp all over you." All the kids went crazy and sang along to this tune. I love the song, but it's kind of a rip-off of what Simaryp did some decades back. oes,--#include virtual="/copy.html" -->