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Eyes Of Hate, Mykado,
Scary German Guy, Struckdown, and Wage Of Sin
November 25, 2001
Bar & Grill
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
December 5, 2001

Because of bad weather and a few mishaps on the way, I got to the show in the middle of Eyes of Hate's set. As soon as I got there, I heard the cover of "In My Eyes" by Minor Threat.

EOH played a great, energetic set. As usual Al was in the dancing area screaming his ass off near the dancing area. There was not a big crowd at the show, because the show was held in Staten Island, so there was practically no dancing.

People were mostly standing around, with their eyes open, watching EOH do their thing. Even though the lack of movement made the set a bit dull, that, however, didn't discourage the band from giving it their all, as they whipped up such songs as: "Contradict," "Sweet Home NYC," "Baby Machine," and many more.

Next band was Mykado. It's kind of funny how they came all the way from Philly to play in the borough with the shittiest scene (sorry, it's true).

Mykado had the basic hardcore lineup, but they had 2 singers just for kicks. I really didn't dig their sound too much, which was pretty much screaming metal-core, but what impressed me is the energy the 2 singers had. Both singers were running around, screaming into the microphone, and did just about everything else to get everyone into the set. The rest of the band played very slow, stale metal riffs with occasional hardcore breakdowns. The mix of the singers' energy and the slow metal riffs just didn't do it for me. The sound was very inconsistent and it gave me a headache.

Scary German Guy was probably the biggest surprise of the night. Not only do these guys have a unique stage presence, but they also had a drum machine. Most bands I listen to don't use a drum machine, so this was a bit of a new flavor for me.

SGG had a metal core kind of sound, but they blended just a pinch of melody into the mix, making the sound appealing for me. They were so good, that I couldn't resist, but buy their record.

Struckdown came next. This band was a very solid. They played their instruments tight and actually got the kids to do some dancing. What I didn't like about them is the inconsistency of their lead singer. He growled at some parts of the song, and sang the others. Now, the mix worked for me, for the most part, but I just have issues with bands having very inconsistent vocals.

The highlight of Struckdown's set was when their bassist decided to show us just how big his balls are. He leaped over a small pileup of kids, landing on his back. He was ok, but he fucked up his bass a bit, so the rest of the song didn't have any bass in it. People didn't really seem to mind, however, because they were still in awe from his death-defying stunt.

Wage of Sin was probably the worst band of the night. They are very cool people, but I don't really think this way about their music. Consisting of all girls (including the bass player from Most Precious Blood) they really didn't have a good vibe together.

The lead singer did nothing but growled the whole time. I don't like it when guys do it, and it especially doesn't rub me when girls do it. It's the combination of a high pitched voice with growling vocals that caused my ears to bleed slightly.

The rest of the band played very stale metal-core. They were so stale that they even bore themselves. The members were just standing in one place, not doing much.

For some reason, what is beyond me, this band had the best reaction from the crowd. Now, I know that the crowd consisted of mainly guys, but come on. I guess the guys tried to impress the ladies, so they decided to show them what they could do.

G.F.Y did not show up, because of the rain, but I guess I'll catch them next time. Good fight, good night!

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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