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Fivetogo, Eyes Of Hate, Sang Wich,
and No Redeeming Social Value
December 26, 2001
Dock Street
Staten Island, NY

by Alex Rud
January 4, 2001

Upon finding out that No Redeeming Social Value was going to come to Staten Island, I wasn't sure how people would react to them. Luckily, contrary to my initial beliefs, they were received really well. Also on the bill were Fivetogo, Eyes Of Hate, and Sang Wich, so there was a lot for everyone who came out to see.

Fivetogo was on first. I'm pretty sure these guys are a local Staten Island band. I really enjoyed watching their set. Fivetogo had a punk sound with a touch of melody. I really enjoyed the fact that they are melodic, but at the same time not too whiny. What I liked most about them was how much they enjoyed playing. Even when no one was dancing, they still gave it their best.

Eyes Of Hate, as always, came out full of energy and aggression. At first, the crowd was not doing much, but by the middle of the set everyone came alive.

Eyes Of Hate played some newer songs, such as: "Change Your Tune," Dicks In the Scene," amongst other new songs. They also played some of their current crowd favorites like: "Contradiction," "Sweet Home Alabama," "In My Eyes (MT cover)," "Life Is A Farce," " Baby Machine," and a few others.

Eyes Of Hate is becoming one of my favorite bands, so take it from me, and see them if they are in your town.

Sang Wich, who followed Eyes Of Hate, opened up with the "National Anthem," which was the only good part of their set. The set went down hill when they started playing their songs.

What I disliked most about this band was how bad the vocals sounded. The singer was never in key and his voice gave me a really bad headache. The music added to this headache. The band's timing was way off. I would say that the band was having a bad night, but I have seen these guys before and they are always this horrible.

A lot of kids seemed to dig their set. The fans of this band didn't quite get hardcore dancing and ended up looking silly. As they made futile attempts at various hardcore dances, one couldn't help but be amused. A little bit into Sang Wich's set, people gave up dancing all together. I couldn't blame them, a band that sounds this off does not hold the interest of many for more than 5 minutes.

The one thing that I did like about this band's set was the fact that they are really funny. You can't wait to get the songs over with to hear the singer say some stupid, funny comment. Hey, if the band doesn't work out, they have another career waiting for them.

No Redeeming Social Value came down to Staten Island to fuck shit up and school the SI kids in a lesson called "Drunken Frenzy and Hardcore Fun."

No Redeeming Social Value opened up with "Old-E" and before anyone could dance, there was a fight. Some stupid drunk grabbed the guitar player. I was glad to see it quickly resolved and the rest of the show went on without any further interruptions.

The rest of the set was filled with crazy hardcore action as only No Redeeming Social Value can deliver. There was beer flying everything, bodies all over the place, people singing into the mic. Everytime I see these guys they out-do the last time. No Redeeming Social Value's set consisted of: "Wake Up," "New Tattoos," "Fabio," "Your Boyfriend Is A Guido," "Chicken," "Skinheads Rule," amongst others. The set was great and everyone had fun; most importantly, no major fights broke out and everyone went home okay.

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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