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Flogging Molly,
Big Wig, and Plan A Project.
November 11, 2000
At The Wetlands
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
December 13, 2000

Flogging Molly The day started out weird, I slept over at a friends' house and we woke up early and tryed looking for the girls he wanted to meet. Off course it took us a long time to find them because the plans went to shit, but it's all good.

After hanging out with the girls for a few hours we decided that we should go to the show 3 hours earlier;why, I heaven't a clue.

It was freezing and begining to look like all our friends would not come to the show. The did emerge half an hour before the doors opened. So we stood there and made fun of all those preppy suburbann kids. Some kids pulled up in the limousine and one kid was wearing a ripped jacket(who is he trying to fool).

When we got inside, about 10 minutes later, Plan A project came on. Now previously not hearing much by them, I did not know what to expect of them. They turned out to be really good, playing 2 covers, Minor Threat "I Don't Wanna Hear It" and Operation Ivys' "Bombshell" so that got me to sing a little.

Next came the band that I saw once before, a while ago. Now Big Wig kicks ass live, as opposed to the cd which doesn't capture their aggressive sound. They tore through an energetic set playing some of my favorite songs, including the highly demanded "Cheers theme song" and a Gorilla Biscuits cover, which was to my liking. After singing to them and breaking a mic stand I must say that I needed a rest for the next band.

Flogging Molly came on and the crowd went insane, they started out with one of my favorite tunes called "Selfish Man" and rolled through a powerfull energetic set of songs like "Black Friday Rule", "Devils Dance Floor" (During which i managed to knock another mic stand down, crowd surfing), and "Salty Dog". Flogging molly, in my opinion, blew every single band there away!

I did not stay for the headliner, Anti-Flag, because I am not a fan of their music. I decided to take the opportunity to go home and get my much needed rest and prepare for the upcoming Unseen show 2 days later.

I would just like to use this paragraph to promote flogging molly and what a great band they are to see. If you heaven't hear them yet please do. I doubt that you will regret seeing them. Cheers ya Irish drunk blokes!

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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