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A New Found Glory,
H2O, River City High,
and RX Bandits
October 28, 2001
At The Roseland
New York, NY

by Meredith Goldberg
November 2, 2001

It had been a while since I had seen A New Found Glory and H2O and since both bands are now on MCA records I have been a little reluctant to see them live.

Their audiences have equally grown in good and bad ways. Their fan base became a lot more commercial and younger. But I still had a lot of faith in both of these bands and in the end both NFG and H2O put on great shows.

The first band to go on stage was Rx Bandits. I was very surprised when they went on because I expected them to have a longer set than River City High. Since I love Rx Bandits and don't really care for River City High, this was very disappointing for me. Rx Bandits played a very short but sweet set. They only played about five or 6 songs and a majority of those songs were from their new album "Progress". They ended their set with the "What If" from their album "Halfway Between Here to There". I was extremely mad that they played as short of a set as they did, but they are such a great band I was just happy to see them play at all.

Next up was River City High. I don't listen to them and I have seen them before and they just never seem to appeal to me. There was one very cool thing about their set that caught my attention. Toward the end of their set, they started to play "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest. Then they started playing their own songs again and completely lost my attention!

Then it was H2O's turn to play. They are one of the best live bands to see. Toby, the lead singer has the great energy on stage. When it was time for their song, "Five Year Plan', Toby went into the VIP section of the venue and sang there. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. He was in the same section of the venue as his mother and he was still performing to the crowd. The last two songs that they played were their cover of "Like a Prayer" and "One Life, One Chance". H2O was easily my favorite band that played that night.

Last but not least, (A) New Found Glory went on. They played a very high energy, entertaining set. They played their covers of "That Thing You Do" & "Glory of Love". After they finished "Glory of Love", they started to leave the stage, and got ready to come back out for their encore. That was when disaster struck. Cyrus, the drummer of NFG somehow fell off of the back of the stage and ended up breaking his arm. As soon as that happened, members of NFG rushed on stage to tell the crowd what happened. After that, the band found a roadie who knew how to play the drums and he came out to play their encore song, "Hit or Miss".

After they played there was a very sad mood in all of Roseland. The show was going great until that happened, but that ruined the mood for many. It was good that it happened at the end of the set, instead of earlier so that the rest of the show did not have to suffer. Every band put on a good show and that was what really mattered. Although the show pretty much ended in tragedy, the rest of the show was so well done, it made up for the terrible accident.

Meredith Goldberg is a Contributing Writer. Contact her at meredith@rockzone.com.

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