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Autopilot Off, River City High,
Movielife, and H2O
December 6, 2001
Irving Plaza
New York City, NY

by Meredith Goldberg
January 4, 2001

From the second that I heard about this show, I knew it was one that I could not miss! Two of the best live bands, H2O and The Movielife playing a "Home For The Holidays" tour was guaranteed to be enjoyable. Along with H2O and The Movielife , River City High and Autopilot Off were on the bill of this awesome show!

The first band to play was Autopilot Off. As usual, they had a ridiculously short amount of time to play. Since they were recently signed to Island Def Jam Records, you would think that they would have a set a little bit longer than 20 minutes, but unfortunately, they did not. In the short amount of time that they had, they played songs off of their split CD with Slick Shoes and their album Looking Up.

The next band to perform was River City High. I didn't pay very much attention to them because I just can't seem to bring myself to like a band with a member who wears a cowboy hat! Besides that, I could just never get into their music. From what I was told they put on a very high energy, entertaining set.

After River City High finished up, my friends and I started to make our way up to the front so that we would have good spots for The Movielife's set.

After that was accomplished, it was time for The Movielife to go on! They started off with a new song from their new EP, The Movielife Has a Gambling Problem. This song did not impress me at all and I don't think that I was a good idea for them to open up with it. One of their new songs that I really enjoyed was "Walking on Glass". They also played a lot of songs off of their album This Time Next Year, such as "Single White Female", "Pinky Swear", "10 Seconds Too Late" and "I Hope You Die Soon". They really got the crowd going and the put on one great performance!

Then, it was finally time for H2O to take the stage. They all came onto stage dressed up. Both Adam and Todd M. were wearing dress shirts and ties. The best outfit out of all of them, of course had to be Toby in his Santa Clause suit. They played such new songs as, "Role Model&", "Out of Debt", "Underneath the Flames", "Memory Lane" and many more. Since I am a girl, I absolutely love H2O's song "Sacred Heart". Out of all of the many times that I have seen H2O live, this was the first time I have ever seen them play that song. That was definitely a highlight of the evening. Another very fun thing about their performance was when Freddie Madball came out during the song "Guilty by Association" and did his part of that song.

Of all of the shows that I have been to recently this one has been the most energetic. The crowd and the bands were all awesome. Leaving that show everyone was thinking the same thing, "Who cares if I now have bruises all over my body, I had an insanely fun time!"

Meredith Goldberg is a Staff Columnist. Contact her at arud@rockzone.com.

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