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Flat Earth Society, Random Task,
Eyes Of Hate, Ensign,
and Kill Your Idols
May 5, 2001
At The Temple
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
May 8, 2001

There is nothing in the world better or atleast more energetic than a hardcore show. Last night's show proved to be so.

The first band was Flat Earth Society. FES is a Hardcore/Punk band from Jersey. FES were really good, but the crowd wasn't into them much, despite the lead singers attempts to get them hyped up. What does one do in that situation, play a cover offcourse. FES played 3 covers, Bad Religion's "No Control," some old song, which I didn't catch the name of, and what better way to end the set than to cover Misfits' song "We Bite," during which I was invited on stage to sing, because I was the only one who knew the song by the legendary band, how pittyfull!

Next up, Random Task. Random Task is an emo-core band from NJ. RT's songs went from emo sounding to having hardcore breakdowns. What was more enjoyable than their music, was how much energy these guys had. The bass player had an equal amount of energy as an old man on viagra. He was banging his head on a speaker, falling down, and doing all sorts of crazy shit. I found Random Task to be pretty enjoyable, although some of the emo parts were a bit annoying to me.

Eyes Of Hate was the first band that got people to move, and oh did they, the place went nuts, there was kickboxing moves all around the pit area. I didn't know much of their stuff at the time so all I could do is look on as they fucked shit up. When they played a cover of Minor Threat "In MY Eyes" I took the opportunity to jump on the mic and scream the words of one of my favorite bands all time. Eyes Of Hate were so good that I went and got their cd, which you could get at their show for a cheap amount of only 4 bux, plus there are 15 ass kicking songs on there,including the Minor Threat cover and a take on "Sweet Home Alabama", which was changed to "Sweet Home NYC", not too shabby. Look for my review on the cd in weeks to come.

When NJ's own, Ensign, came on, the crowd just went nuts. This band will become one of my top hardcore bands in the future, as soon as I get more exposure to them. I bought their album "Cast The First Stone" and it kicks a lot of ass, let me tell you. I can't wait to see these guys again.

Kill Your Idols(From Long Island) were defenately the crowd favorite. KYI blend Hardcore/Punk/ and some OI! into their sound to make them stand out from the pack. KYI didn't need any covers to get the people excited, just a set of their good ol' material. I have seen KYI before and let me tell you, these guys manage to impress me more and more each time they play.

Well If you don't think that the show was good based on my review, I'm sitting here sore and my voice is gone, how's that for proof of a good show. It was indeed a good show with NYHC bands, as well as NJ hardcore bands throwing it down, and no fights broke out, all in all, a great show. See ya in the pit! Peace!

Alex Rud is a Staff Writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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