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Lenny Kravitz
w/ Pink
August 17, 2002
Woodlands Pavilion - Spring, TX

Samuel Barker
Senior Editor
File Photo: Pink (picture by Samuel Barker)
Those who have seen Lenny Kravitz in the past know exactly what to expect from one of his concert, Lenny doing his best to rehash the sounds of the 60’s, while making an attempt to make it his own. More times than not, however, he looks and sounds like a band that could have played in 1969 rather than 2002.

As the set opened with Bank Robber Man, the audience was showered with “Lenny Dollars.” The festive opening combined with the vintage rock riffs made the night look it would be another stellar performance from Kravitz, but things would soon go awry.

As Kravitz and company kicked into Rock n’ Roll Is Dead, it all came apart. First the guitar dropped, then the vocals. Normally a laid back person, Kravitz seemed none too pleased about losing power during one of the few hits he played on this night.

After a few minutes, power was restored and Kravitz informed everyone they would be starting from the beginning of the song, which pleased the crowd, but left Kravitz visibly shaken.

The rest of the band seemed to be over the whole incident, but Kravitz refrained from singing on the chorus, allowing guitarist Craig Ross to take up the slack. From this point on, the set suffered.

Each song was followed by an uneasy period of silence as a guitar was ran out to Kravitz or something was altered on the stage, a flow was never established until the end, but by then it was already too late.

The breaking point of the set came when the audience was basically held hostage and forced to sing one of Kravitz’s new songs from Lenny, Stillness of Heart, which has yet to be on the radio and has only been out on album for a limited time.

After going through the chorus 8 separate times and finally getting a few people, who were sharp enough to catch on, to sing the chorus, Kravitz allowed the audience to finally hear some his more popular songs that they had all been waiting on.

A few people were clearly unhappy as they abandoned their $50-plus seats to make an early exit to miss traffic. It was shocking how quick Kravitz went from his peace and love persona to being an impatient brat.

Opening the show was 22-year old pop sensation Pink, who came to town with an abbreviated version of the set she performed during her headlining set here in May.

Sadly, she abandoned most of her own songs and left all the covers, adding the feeling of almost seeing a cover band. From her cover of 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up, which was lead by Pink’s Mizunderstood writing partner Linda Perry, to her medley of Janis Joplin covers, Pink made a venture into rock diva-dom.

Fortunately for Pink, her rock format made quite a few fans out of the Kravitz fold who were expecting a pixie dancing around to DAT tracks. Combine that format with Kravitz flaming out moments later and Pink had no problem turning into the center of discussion on the walk back to the parking lots.

As one fan stated, “At least (Pink) didn’t wait 5 minutes between each song,” which teaches everyone that playing a fluid show with continued momentum is more important than any amount of rock star attitude you display.

Maybe in the future Kravitz will be more mature and move on, rather than stall a set with pouting.

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