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January 9, 2004
The Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA

Susan Salva
Contributing Writer
set list
1.	Glass
2.	Road to Florence
3.	Two Times Over
4.	PS
5.	Collide
6.	Hold On
7.	Outside Looking In
8.	Imagination 

Limipoint, the high-octane emo post punk rock band from South Pasadena performed January 9, 2004 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. This underground club the size of a postage stamp for a stage was sold out with standing room only. Limitpoint brought out a large female audience who in turn brought in males hoping to get laid. These guys are some band to follow.

Mikey Sabs is the lead vocalist and he plays guitar. Brooke is the lead guitarist. Shaw is on bass and vocals, and Eric is on drums. Rich from The Hippos, and his new band Southbase, helped out on keyboards. Many fans from South Pasadena and even from Las Vegas cheered the band on.

"Two Times Over" is The Cure meets Blink 182. The band is totally high energy. The audience went nuts slam dancing. The bass was thumping and fans were thrashing about on the dance floor. "The world still turns and it's still coming back to you, you'll get yours turn two times over" explains their viewpoint in getting revenge toward someone that did him wrong.

"PS" is a brand new song that is tight emotional and melodic as well as having choreographed dance moves tune. Brooke smashed his guitar into the over head lighting.

"Collide" has great guitar riffs and Mikey's vocals are like velvet. The guitar is very melodic and it draws you into the song. This song defines the band as a stand out from all the other bands that are in the "emo" genre. It's head banging and melodic all together. Sabs says that this song goes out to someone in the audience. This was one of my favorite tunes of the whole set. It's one of the songs that stays in your head for days on end.

"Hold On" is a strong melodic ballad that stands up by itself. "Tomorrow the sun won't shine tonight the moon is gone" the lyrics speak for themselves.

"Outside Looking In" is about all the reality shows that are so popular that nobody says they are watching them. Sabs admits he is watching them. "I still watch them over and over again."

"Imagination" an aggressive agro tune about dreams of dying or falling of a cliff. It's a new high-energy song. The tune is so high energy that I thought it would do better in the middle of the set because it leaves you hanging and wanting more.

Considering the size parameters of the room the guys put on a great show. They have a lot of diversity, but not too much where there isn't any continuity. If they stay doing what they are doing and keep challenging themselves they are bound to get the attention of the majors.

Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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