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Bob's Kitchen, Indk,
Leftover Crack, Amazing Crowns,
and Mephiskapheles
August 27, 2000
At The Wetlands
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
October 13, 2000

LOC The day started out on a bad note, all of my friends decided not to attend the show leaving me all by myself. Going to the show by myself at first struck me as a bad thing, because I don't like going to shows alone and I always have people with me. When I got to the show and went inside I didn't care if any of my friends were there with me because I was gonna witness a great show.

The first band that went on was Bob's Kitchen, they were a skater-core sounding band and put on a decent set. A lot of pop-punk kids(which the band refered to as BKC[guess that stands for Bob's Kitchen Crew]) were moving around to them at first but then the hardcore kids got bored and joined the fun. I remained sitting throughout their whole set. The highlight of their set was when they played a Bouncing Souls cover, "Say Anything". That got me to sing at the top of my lungs from the back of the club. The impression I got from this band was not a bad one but I wouldn't pay to see them again because I'm not really a pop-punk fan.

After B.K went off I was exited because the next band that came on was none other than INDK. When they came on and started to play, it was something else. Unity was the word to describe their set because all the Skinheads, hardcore kids, punks and pop-punk kids were dancing around the pit together without any conflicts. Their sound was awesome and they played around a 45 min set with members of Leftover Crack constantly coming on stage to help out. It was almost like Choking Victim never broke up. I am new to the band so I could only sing on a few songs but I got their 7", so I will be ready to kick it with the INDK crew next time they come around.

Next came the band that I was there to see . It was none other then Leftover Crack. The singer began with their traditional saying "We're the good, the bad, and the Leftover Crack" and the set began. The set was the highlight of the night and there was not a soul in the house that wasn't moving or dancing or doing something. They went through their whole set list and even played some Choking Victim songs. It was their best set ever in my opinion. I was constantly on stage singing into the mic and even stage dived a few times. These guys know how to get the crowd into their sets. As an encore they played my favorite L.O.C song "Muppet n.a.m.b.l.i.n" and the lead singer(Stza) went into the crowd and everyone crowded around the microphone and started singing.

Overjoyed and tired from the set I decided to sit the next band out. It was the Amazing Crowns(formerly know as the Amazing Royal Crowns) They had a mix of swing,punk and rockabilly going or as they liked to call the mix "Punkrockabilly". To my surprise a lot of people were into them punks and even hardcore kids aswell. They played a kick ass set and got everyone to shake their groove thang. The last song they played was from my favorite band of all time Misfits the song was "American nightmare" and it was dedicated to the kid in the Misfits shirt behind me which made me regret that I wasn't wearing their shirt, but it's all good.

After the great opening bands it was time for the main band to come on, Mephiskapheles. The band took the stage and Grand Individious said "D-O-G-G-O-D!" and the set began. They went through all the crowd favorites like "Saba", "Doomsday", and the highly demanded "bumble bee tuna song". I was skanking and singing throught their whole set. The lead singer took a liking to me because he gave the microphone to me everytime. The show was great and those satanic mofos rocked the house and even though some kids were moshing, it was a great ska set.

Alex Rud is a Staff Columnist. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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