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Leftover Crack
September 23, 2001
At The Oven
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
October 22, 2001

Could anything be more awkward than having Leftover Crack play in the middle of a Black Metal show? Whoever booked LOC on this show should be kicked in the ass. Kids came from all over Texas to Houston so that they could catch the good Leftover Crack play a wild set at the Oven. What initially looked like disaster turned around for the best, Leftover Crack responded with a strong set of LOC songs and some selected Choking Victim songs.

Being in the middle of a black metal show put a time constraint on the band, 15 minutes. This was a ridiculous request, but after some talking and pleading by all who were there, LOC got their full 30 minutes. It was a battle worth fighting.

As Leftover Crack took the stage, everyone huddled up to the stage to get ready for the set. The Oven's stage is around 4 inches off the ground, so it was a nice intimate location. Everyone was definitely in for a treat.

The band opened with "Homeo-apathy" which led to a lot of the metal heads taking notice and watching the set. It was cool to see the two types of people come together to watch. The kids went ape-shit and the band responded.

A lot of the kids wanted to hear "Infested," which was one of Choking Victim's biggest songs, and they got their wish as LOC played it for their second song. The kids ate it up and got even wilder. It was really something to see.

The rest of the set included songs from CV and LOC. Songs such as "Rock The 40oz.", "S.T.I.,", "500 Channels", "Atheist Anthem", and others. It was a well rounded set full of songs, new and old.

The only downer part of the set was some drunk idiot in the front of the stage that kept screaming "Crack Rock City," or something along those lines. Then to make things worse, he kept taking Ezra's microphone and singing the wrong lyrics into it. Some people are just idiots.

The set ended with "Born To Die" which had everyone there singing along and having a good time. The crowd went wild one last time and everyone was happy to have caught the band, even if the show was hectic. I definitely recommend checking out the good Leftover Crack when they hit your town.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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