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George Lynch & the Lynch Mob
March 12, 2003
The Key Club - West Hollywood, CA

Susan Salva
Contributing Writer
set list
1. Pair is Burning
2. Dance of the Dogs
3. Tangled in the Web
4. All I Want
5. Kiss of Death
6. She's Evil, But She's Mine
7. Cold is the Heart
8. When Darkness Calls
9. Rain
10. Hellchild
11. Breakin' the Chains
12. Wicked Sensation
13. Mr. Scary
14. Tooth & Nail

Seldom in the world of rock does one get the opportunity to see a headlining band right up close in a smaller venue especially if the act is the arena performing rock act and consummate legendary guitar god George Lynch and his band Lynch Mob.

On March 12, 2003 the Mob rocked The Key Club in West Hollywood, California, a venue where you can practically touch Lynch's Mr. Scary electric guitar. The experience was awesome. It was almost like being in your own living room, but this venue included mood lighting, candelabras and a great sound system.

Giving it their all the band ripped up the joint in front of about six hundred rubble rousers and faithfully devoted George Lynch disciples. They performed fourteen tracks from both the Lynch Mob and Dokken as Lynch retooled the tunes to be more updated and breathtaking.

Born in Spokane, Washington and raised in California, guitarist George Lynch is one of a long line of guitarists to come from the California hard rock world. But unlike other guitar players of his day he remains musically relevant in 2003. For some, success was fleeting, but none have left their indelible mark as Lynch has on guitar playing. Lynch Mob

Lynch continues his legacy with a newly reformed Lynch Mob including the following line up of Robert Mason, vocals, Anthony Esposito, bass and Michael "Fro" Frowen on the drums. They presented material from their most recent release, that has been in stores since May, appropriately titled REvolution. The CD spans thirteen tracks Lynch has handpicked to revise from his greatest hits selection both from Lynch Mob and Dokken musical material.

Lynch's use of precise fingering techniques has his fingers flying and whizzing across his fretboard. He easily exemplifies his finesse as a guitar virtuoso. He thrilled the crowd to the point of climax and kept them wanting more. At one point one of the guys in the crowd was so close to Lynch that he actually turned one of his tuning pens on his guitar. Lynch was not thrilled by the stunt.

Robert Mason, the lead singer, hit all the high notes. He was relentless in his pursuit to keep the momentum and continuity of the show progressing by singing one song into the next. He would taunt the audience by making them shout out loud. He twirled his microphone stand and shook the tambourine during "Wicked Sensation".

Anthony Esposito, the bass player pursed his lips together provoking the crowd as he carefully plucked and attacked his bass guitar strings. It was difficult to hear the bass lines, because it was barely audible through the sound system.

Lynch was the main focus of the evening. His hard-hitting on his guitar strings and aggressiveness proved that he was very capable of making the most difficult guitar riff sound incredibly easy. If you get the opportunity to see the Lynch Mob in your town, hightail on over to the venue and you'll have the experience a true master. Check it out for yourself and see one of the finest guitarists on the planet.

Susan Salva is a Contributing Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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