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Mojo Nixon And The Toadliquors
March 15, 2001
At The Continental Club
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
March 17, 2001

I was filled with delight to find out that everyone's favorite hollerin' hillbilly rocker, Mojo Nixon, was coming back to Houston only 3 months after the annual New Year's Eve-Eve show.

I got to the Continental early so I could sit down and talk with Mojo about life, music, and rock n' roll. It was great to meet him and overwhelming just the same. It was a great way to get warmed up for the oncoming revelations foretold in a Mojo Nixon set.

The show opened with the Hyperions. This band was insane to say the least. Composed of a guitarist/vocalist, bassist, drummer, and zylophone player, the Hyperions had an interesting sound. I can only place it as some sort of gypsy-ish rock. The guitar added the rock flavor, but the rhythm of the band most of the time had a very Louisiana bayou sound. The music was fun and the band had a lot of energy. The only lull in the set was when they had to stop to replace a broken guitar string.

After the broken string the band headed into their last 3 songs, which went right back into the groove. The band was very steady with a driving beat. I was very intrigued by this band because I had no idea what to call their music. It was fun, interesting, but at the same time very unique and strange.

After the Hyperions closed down, it was time. It was time for Mojo to come tell everyone what was wrong with the world and to update us on the revolution. Everyone stood fast and watched as Mojo and the rest of the Toadliquors set up the stage. After about 15 minutes everything was ready to go, Earl had his bass tuned up, Wetdawg was at the piano, Wid was behind his drum kit, and Mojo had the glare in his eyes, it was time to play some rock n' roll.

As usual the set started with "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My 2-headed Luv Child." During this rendition, it was time to tear into Dave Matthews. Everyone screamed together "Dave Matthews is a panty-waist!"

And with that the show was completely underway. The next song was "Louisiana Liplock," which is always a crowd pleaser. So much of Mojo's show is audience participation, and at this late Thursday night show only hardcore Mojo fans could stand staying till 1 in the morning to make it through the set.

The beauty of the set was that Mojo played some songs I had never seen live before, including the ode to Country Dick. Country Dick was as rock n' roll as they come. So it was nice to see them play "The Ballad Of Country Dick." It was a great sing-a-long.

The regulars were in effect too. Mojo played the classics like "Drunk Divorced Floozie," "Tie My Pecker To My Leg," and a chilling rendition of "You Can't Kill Me." That for me was the highlight of the night. We learned that McDonald's makes people "weak, sterile, and subserviant," and that Ronald McDonald was behind Dale Earnhardt's untimely demise. Then as that song ended Mojo And The Toadliquors began the closer, "Elvis Is Everywhere." This song as always led to a hundred drunken Mojonites singing "Elvis is Everywhere, Elvis is everybody!" over and over again. It was during this song that we learned there were now more anti-Elvises out there. N*sync, Backstreet Boys, and Dave Matthews have no Elvis in them. And also since Britney Spears claims to be a virgin, she's never had any Elvis dick in her, so she can't have any Elvis either!

After a short break the band returned. Earl B. Freedom ran into the crowd to take part in the "Mojo!!" chanting, but soon gave up to get back on stage to play "Burn Down The Malls." This was a great moment, 100 tired as hell, drunken Mojonites still tired from being at work all day standing in the Continental Club at 1 in the morning singing at the top of their lungs "Creed fuckin' sucks!!" It was a beautiful moment and a great way to end a night. Until next time we hear from Mojo, we will stay true to the revolution!

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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