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Mojo Nixon
December 30, 1999
At The Satellite Lounge

by Samuel Barker
February 13, 2000

mojo! In my attempt to hide out from the every frightening Y2K crisis, I decided to have my New Years Eve a night early. Well, in all truth, a Mojo Nixon show is New Years Eve every night, you drink, you have fun, you sing, you have friends all around, and you feel like a new person afterwards. This is what the force known as Mojo Nixon is all about. From the opening chord to the last shots the band takes, Mojo and the Toadliquors are pure unadulterated rock n' roll.

The night opened with a nice suprise. Wetdog, the long time piano player of the Toadliquors has returned to play for that night. And he did play. From the opening number "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My 2-Headed Love Child" to the closing of the set with "Elvis Is Everywhere" the show was a crazy mix of country, beer, punk, beer, blues, shots, tales of bad politics and fornication, and alcohol. But through all that was some of the sickest lead guitar you ever heard. Mojo Nixon has gotten better through the years, and has a knack of bringing a lot of the old blues sound back through his music. it's one hell of a ride, and luckily you have a good guide like Mojo to lead you through it.

Mojo is a keen songwriter too. A highlight of the evening was Mojo's singing of "Drunk Divorced Floozie" to which he said "If you're expecting "Candle In The Wind 2", you're sadly mistaken. Which is a tale of Princess Di doing 110 while trying to unbutton Dodi's pants. As you can see, Nixon is a lover of the more insulting things in life. Which is exactly what the world needs. Then he worked his way through other numbers, and hit a nice peak with "You Can't Kill Me" which is a song about the undying spirit of rock n' roll. And Mojo does a good part in keeping the spirit alive!

Before the night was out, Mojo ranted on about the impending Y2K fluke. He preached, "As long as all of you are making love when the new year comes in, Y2K will be alright!" Then he went into "Louisiana Liplock On My Love Porkchop" and stated that as long as you were doing that, the world would be safe. And alas, Y2K was safe. Father Mojo saved us all.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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