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Mustard Plug
and Digger, Scofflaws, Tri-State Conspiracy and 5 Cent Deposit
October 13, 2002
CBGB - New York, NY

Meredith Goldberg
Contributing Writer
Mustard Plug

After not seeing Mustard Plug in about two years I was wondering if their show was going to be as amazing as I had remembered it to be. The last time I saw them was at the Wetlands and people were literally climbing the walls during their set. My anticipations were high and I was pumped and ready to see the all mighty Mustard Plug from Michigan.

The first band to go on was 5 Cent Deposit. This was my first time seeing them in a venue besides The Temple in Brooklyn, NY where they play quite frequently. They play fast pop punk and never disappoint. They played a slew of their old songs such as, "Bird on a Wire," "Pisshead" and their great cover of "Happy Together." They also played a number of new songs from their upcoming album that are sure to please. They are an awesome group of guys and it was really cool to see them play at CBGB's.

The next band that played was Tri-State Conspiracy. This band is probably the best new band around. They combine swing and ska and put on one hell of a show. They played the songs, "Murder Fantasy" and "Someday" from their Demo CD, along with their other extremely danceable songs. My only complaint about their set is how short it was. After Tri-State Conspiracy finished, The Scofflaws came on. The Scofflaws are a band that I have always tried to enjoy, but it never seems to work. They are talented, but their songs just aren't good. Their set seemed way too long and I would have preferred Tri-State conspiracy to play a longer set and to cut The Scofflaws set short. The second to last band Digger was a pop punk band that I had heard good things about but never heard before. They were a typical pop punk band and there was nothing special about them. They played an annoying set, which only made me more anxious for Mustard Plug.

Finally, Mustard Plug took the stage. Their set helped me remember what an incredibly great band they are. They played many new songs off of their recently released CD, Yellow # 5 and wowed the audience with such old favorites as "Thigh High Nylons," "Mr. Smiley," "Mendoza," and closed with "Beer." Mustard Plug is a crazy, energetic band and still is one of the best live bands around. They make it completely impossible not to dance with them and will absolutely win you over.

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