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The Pilfers, IN-DK,
and Groove Selector
June 23, 2001
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
June 30, 2001

File Under: Ska/Punk/Hardcore
bands performing
1) Groove Selector 
2) IN-DK 
3) Pilfers 
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  • The Pilfers
  • The Pilfers show started off good, Auto Pilot Off(ex-Cooter) canceled and was replaced by another band.

    Groove Selector went on first. They had that reggae meets funk sound with some distortion guitars thrown in there. They had an interesting sound going and the band was into their set; at one point I thought the singer was gonna break the stage, because it was shaking with each jump he took. I got a free CD of theirs. It is a pretty good CD, very diverse, so check it out!

    IN-DK were as good as usual, even though they had a bad sound (it was hard to hear the lead singer, Ezra, at times) but it didn't stop the loyal fans from having a good time. They played all my favorite, such as: "Killing Is Contagious," Living With L.E.S.," Rolling Point," "Rent For Sale, and many more. They were the best band of the night without a doubt.

    Pilfers came out and the crowd went crazy. People were jumping and singing along to the band. I, however, didn't show much enthusiasm towards the band. I just didn't get into their sound, but you can't take away from Coolie Ranx's stage presence and his ability to Toast. I guess I liked him better with the Toasters.

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