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PT Grimm
November 23, 2002
Hungarian Hall - Wallingford, CT

For More Pictures of This Show CLICK HERE!
Jason Cipriano
Staff Writer
PT Grimm - The Next Big Thing

Sometimes seeing a band in a "venue" that wasn't exactly set up to hold shows adds a little something special to the overall feeling of the night. Anyone who has ever been to a show at their local VFW knows exactly what I'm talking about. When I walked into the Hungarian Hall in Wallingford, CT I got that feeling. However, I quickly found out the band I was there to see, PT Grimm, wouldn't go on for a few hours, so I settled in to take in a bit of local culture, and boy was it local.

Pretty much all the bands that played before PT Grimm can be summed up in two words; noise pollution (or crappy crap, you pick). I really hated the fact that I was wasting my precious eardrums on such horrible music. The four bands that I manage to endure were either hardcore, with a heavy focus on the screaming vocals, or metal with a heavy focus on the screaming vocals. All of the bands (none of which have names that I can readily recall) did have one thing in common; they were all influenced by Slipknot and CT heroes, Hatebreed, and by influenced I of course mean, were trying to sound exactly like. My ears are still in pain from the crappy p.a. system and all the bands overall need to suck.

Anyway, 10:25ish rolls around and PT Grimm are finally given the chance to play. Now, there has been a lot of hype about the New York City scene, and the Strokes and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, well PT Grimm sounds nothing like them. They are the bastard brother to the other, more interesting movement in NYC called electroclash (or electrorock, again, you pick) which is basically the melding of loud music with a weighty tendency towards the use of electronica. Slightly more known bands that are currently establishing themselves are Mindless Self Indulgence, Le Tigre, and Chicks on Speed. However, I did say PT Grimm is the bastard brother of electroclash because they have a much more extreme, pissed off sound, and up until very recently, they didn't even have any form of percussion in the band, just a keyboard providing all the beats. This was only their second show with a drummer.

Basically, PT Grimm likes to sing about little girls, and piss, and shit, and a wide variety of topics that may forever keep them off of TRL, but what they do, they do so well most bands don't even fall on the same page as the quality of the live show they put on. The crowd always loves, and, as you will see shortly, they play every show for their audience.

I digress, a lot, my apologies, so PT Grimm takes the stage, and opens with their love song to underage girls, "Enter Prize Lolita," which is an overall slow seductive kind of song, ya know, just to get the crowd in a certain kind of trance. They then proceeded to play an entire set consisting of only one released song. A new song, being played live for only the second time, "Black Seed," a song off of PT Grimm's forth coming album, Entropy's Sideshow, which will be released in February. They then went through one of their happier songs of the night, "'Ouch', Said the Cripple," which is a song they have been playing for a few years now but is not on their only available album, Songs to Amputate Your Face To. The next song, "People Are Strange" was introduced by the lead singer, PT Grimm, as "a cover that your parents might know". The group then slammed through the Doors cover, with an ever-eerie twist. Around this time Mr. PT ripped off his shirt to exposed his taped up nipples, and Lutha, the guitarist, and Alien Poop, assorted screams and samples, also removed their tops (and in Lutha's case it was eventually followed by his bottoms). The next new song that PT played was a lively ditty called "Crummy," which, ya know, has single potential, but they need to get signed and release the album first.

And then the history lesson came in. "Expose Yourself to Kids" was next on the set list for the boys, and girl. This is a cover song. The original artist is the highly underrated GG Allin, who I have a feeling most of the people at the show didn't know existed. Described as "a guy who defecated on stage and had sex with dead cats, for real" PT Grimm covered one of the scariest men to ever make music. It is very reassuring that there is a band out there with the balls to cover such a sick artist. However, the next thing the band was about to prove wasn't just that they had balls, but also that they are really a band for their fans.

Once "Expose Yourself to Kids" was over, apparently the promoter came out and told the band that they only had time for one more song, but they had five left on their setlist. PT Grimm were able to talk themselves back up to getting two more songs, but only after the band offered to not have to get paid for the show were they able to play three of their remaining songs. The audience responded to this of course with cheers, because as the band proved, the crowd agreed that they didn't suck.

The three songs were also new, and never before heard by this crowd. The first one was the title track of PTs next album "Entropy's Sideshow". Which was followed by an astounding rendition of "America The Beautiful" with much, much more appropriate and cynical lyrics; sung while Lutha exchanged his underwear for a g-string of on of the audience members. "Piss Upon Your Smile", and then "Awaiting the Eclipse" (chosen by the band against the audiences auditory vote) rounded out their set of almost completely new music.

There are a few things that I learn every time I see PT Grimm, and this time was defiantly not any different. First of all, no matter where you are, when this band asks two girls to get up on stage and make out, someone ALWAYS does. Second, I didn't think it would, but the drummer actually sounded really good, but nothing can truly replace Show-n-Tell on keyboards. Third, Lutha is always the first person to get naked. Next, Alien Poop needs to move to the front or everyone is going to forget he's in the band. And finally, no matter how far this band goes, they will never be truly appreciated for how good they really are. This is a band that everyone in this world should either go see now, or decide that you aren't gonna like the, and start hating them.

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