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Reel Big Fish,
Goldfinger, Zebrahead, Homegrown,
and RX Bandits
July 17, 2001
At The Roseland Ballroom
New York, NY

by Meredith Goldberg
July 20, 2001

File Under: Ska, Punk
bands performing
1. RX Bandits 
2. Homegrown 
3. Zebrahead 
4. Goldfinger 
5. Reel Big Fish
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  • I was excited about attending this show. Not only was I in store for some great bands, but I got to sit down and ask them some intimate questions face to face.

    The first band up was RX Bandits. RX Bandits are a great ska/reggea/punk band on Drive Thru Records. RX Bandits played a short, but sweet set, playing some old favorites from their album "Halfway Before Here & There," as well as some new stuff from their new album "Progress".

    One new song of their's that I recognized from a compilation I have, was "Who would've thought." Some other songs they played were: "Cornered" and "Wrong with me," which are two of my favorite songs of theirs. RX Bandits closed with "What if" The song was the one that got me into RX Bandits in the first place. Their set was great.

    Next up was Homegrown. I don't really listen to Homegrown, but I know a lot of people who like them, so I felt obligated to check out their set, and give them a chance. The crowd was certainly loving them, but I personally wasn't all that impressed with them.

    I've seen Zebrahead before and they always put on an awesome live show. They are really funny guys and they really like audience participation. One of the things they did was, that they had a girl and a guy compete for a free T-shirt by showing the audience their chest. Oddly, the guy won, go figure. Their set was cut short,after only playing about six songs, by an idiotic mistake made by Roseland's bouncers. The rapper/singer of the band, stage dived, and as he was trying to get back on stage, some bouncers, thought that he was just some kid from the crowd, and started beating him up. Justin, the singer/guitarrist of the band, flipped out and they ended their set. So, it ended up that the last song they played before their set was abruptly ended was "Get up."

    After that, Goldfinger went on. Goldfinger is one of those bands who are just incredible to see live. They played everybody's favorites such as, "Mable" and "Superman", "S.M.P." and "My Girlfriend's shower stinks". As usual, Darrin, the drummer, had to do something outrageous. He dressed up like the band Destiny's Child, and he sang their song "Survivor." That was one of the highlights of the set. As their encore, they played a cover of "99 Red Balloons". That song was a great way to end their set.

    The headlining band was Reel Big Fish. Right from the start, Aaron, the singer, was making obnoxious, but funny comments. They opened with the song, "Somebody Hates Me". They also played the more popular songs, such as: "She Has a Girlfriend Now," Skatanic," and the hit song "Sellout." For their encore they played their cover of "Take on Me," which is always extremely good. The crowd loved them, and so did I!

    I had a lot of fun. I think that this show offered best line-up that I have seen in a long time. The bands gave it their all, and the crowd's reaction showed that completely. This show was so good that it was practically impossible to stop dancing and singing, even after the show ended!

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