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The Juliana Theory,
River City High
and The Benjamins
June 17, 2001
At Fitzgerald's
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
June 19, 2001

File Under: Indie Pop
bands performing
1. The Benjamins 
2. River City High 
3. The Juliana Theory 
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  • Coming into this show I didn't know what to expect. The only band I had ever heard previously was The Benjamins. My initial thought was that this was going to be a complete indie pop show with a mellow vibe. Well, I was wrong.

    The show opened with The Benjamins. I didn't make it in until after they had started because the show was way earlier than most shows at Fitzgerald's. I was disappointed to be late, but when I walked it, the energy was overwhelming.

    They played most of their new album and had all the people there totally into their set. I had a lot of fun watching them. They're really good live performers. This band played it's heart out to a small crowd. With the show being so early, most people didn't get in until the next set.

    The next set was the best of the night. River City High flat out rocked. They had an amazing energy level and got you totally into their set. I was incredibly impressed at how well they played to the slowly growing audience.

    By the end of River City High's set, the crowd had grown to it's capacity and they got to see some of the best part of the set. The cover of "The Boys Are Back In Town" was sweet. They totally had it down. Then the last song they did was an original with a metal medley in the middle. They played parts of "Breaking The Law," "Back In Black," and others. It was a sweet ending to a great set.

    The final band of the night was The Juliana Theory. I wasn't sure about these guys at first, they looked like artsy folks and they had a lot of effects. When I noticed the drummer setting up a recorder to play back up sounds, I knew this band was going to suck, I knew it!

    Well, from note one they rocked the house. They jumped, they rocked, they played as hard as anyone I had ever seen. The vocals were bit low and it was hard to make out what they were saying, but other than that, they were amazing.

    This was a great show from start to finish. I am now a fan of 3 bands I normally never would have saw. I can't wait for these bands to make back soon so I can get another chance to check them out.

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