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September 9, 2003
The Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT

See More Pictures Here Bill Steinbacher
Contributing Writer
Danielle Gombos
Staff Photographer
set list
No Respect
Stand Up
Up the Dose

Saturday night September 27, I am convinced that the entire state of Connecticut was at the Webster Theatre in Hartford to see Ill Nino, Spineshank, Skrape, and 40 Below Summer. I have only seen this venue as packed as it was on a few occasions, so I knew right away that this was going to be a very high caliber show with a lot of energy and intensity.

Skrape was the first band to take the stage. Earlier on in the tour they were going on second after 40 Below Summer, but now that their upcoming release "Up the Dose" has been pushed back to January, they switched spots with 40 Below who has a new album coming out on October 28th. This was their last date of this tour, and Skrape was expecting the headlining bands to do something crazy to fuck with them while they were onstage (on the last date they were on tour with Pantera they had an onslaught of lunch meat thrown at them courtesy of Dime and Phil) but there were no antics from their tour mates this time around. Skrape

What we did get to see, though, was one hell of a performance from the Skrape camp, which consists of Billy Keeton on vocals, Will Hunt on drums, Brian Milner on guitar, Randy Melser on guitar, and Pete Sison on bass. Of the seven songs in their set the audiance got a 3 song preview of their new album. The set list was as follows: "What," "Waste," "No Respect" (new), "Rake," "Bleach" (new), "Stand Up," and "Up the Dose" (new). The crowd seemed to respond very well to the new songs as well as all the old.

Billy is an excellent front man with a wide range of vocals, and did a great job of working the crowd during the songs, keeping their interest between songs by talking to them. Pete had an amazing amount of energy on stage, running all over the place and beating his bass like a red headed step child. Randy and Brian have a great chemistry on stage together; it is more than obvious that they feed off each other for intensity during the show. Will is just an unbelievable drummer, aside from his duties on the drums he also provides back up vocals for their live show. Will is very heavily influenced by Tommy Lee (then again what drummer isn't!!). He was throwing his sticks in the air, catching them and not missing a beat throughout the performance, which I thought was great because usually aside from just being there and playing their parts, the drummers don't add much to the live show, but Will made it interesting and you can tell he is enjoying every second of it.

When Skrape comes around to your area I would recommend seeing them, they are going to be supporting Static-X starting next month, and I cannot wait until they come around again.

Bill Steinbacher is a Contributing Writer. Contact him at bills@rockzone.com.

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