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The Slackers,
Simon And The Bar Sinisters,
and Now Serving #38
August 15, 2001
At The Wetlands
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
August 17, 2001

File Under: Ska/Surf rock
bands performing
1) Now Serving # 38  
2) Simon and the Bar Sinisters 
3) Slackers 
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  • I got to the club at about an hour before the doors were scheduled to be opened, but it felt like more because only my friend was waiting there for me. Finally, by the time the doors opened, 50 more people had shown up. I figured no one knew of the show, or everyone had work to do because this was not the normal attendance for a Slackers show.

    The first band on was Now Serving # 38. NSN38 are a ska/reggae band. NSN38 played a pretty good set, most of the songs were done in slow reggae-ish fashion, while only a few were upbeat. This made me like them even more. They somehow just didn't sound complete and the reason was that their sax player was not in attendance. The highlight of their set was when they played a cover of a Specials' classic "Monkey Man."

    Next up was Simon and the Bar Sinisters. The Bar Sinisters are a surf/punk/rock band. They played a rocking set filled with guitar solos, wicked bass lines, and some of the best drumming. The Sinisters' set was pretty good, but it seemed boring at times. They probably seemed boring to me because I was just eager to see the Slackers.

    The Wetlands had filled up by the end of their set. I hadn't noticed, but the place filled up pretty fast, as the crowd was stoked to see the Slackers perform at one of the greatest clubs in NYC, for one last time.

    The Slackers finally took the stage. Q Maxx announced that after 10 years of playing at The Wetlands, it was their last time to perform there. So right off the bat, everyone knew that this show would be something to remember. Sitting in with the Slackers were 2 special guests: Agent Jay, and Simon (from the Bar Sinisters). The 2 extra guitars gave the sound some more flavor.

    The Slackers kicked things off with "Manuel" and went through such numbers as: "Pedophillia," "The Nurse," "Runaway," "Redlight," and many more. The set lasted for 3 hours as they rocked the house and got everyone from the entrance all the way to the back of the club to shake their ass. During one of the songs Victor was showing off some of his dance moves. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a George W. Bush mask, which he put on and continued dancing. The rest of the audience and I found it very amusing.

    The Slackers as usual did 2 encores. The second encore, Vic came out alone and did "Over the Rainbow," from the Wizard Of Oz. He played it with his acoustic guitar; Vic was later joined by the rest of the band as they played a few more songs as they said goodbye to The Wetlands.

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