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Stiff Little Fingers,
and The Stockyard Stoics
September 8, 2001
At The Village Underground
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
September 11, 2001

File Under: Punk
bands performing
1) Stockyard Stoics 
2) Stiff Little Fingers 
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  • I got to the Village Underground 20 minutes before the doors opened. I have never been there before, so I was a little curious about how it would be. I did not get a really good impression of the club. First, they made everyone buy overpriced drinks; second, the club was too small for all those people in attendance. The crowd was almost stacked on top of each other, which made little room for breathing, and just about anything else.

    Stockyard Stoics were the opening act. The singer announced from the get-go, that it was their most expensive show to date, and that it was an honor to share the stage with the legendary Stiff Little Fingers.

    Stockyard Stoics play probably the best set that I have seen since the first time I saw them. They were probably trying to show off in front of the SLF's fans. I think it worked, because everyone had good things to say about them. SS played "Song of Babylon," "U.S.A," "Adolecent Chemistry," and a cover of Clash's "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais."

    After a short wait, Stiff Little Fingers finally took stage. I was wondering how those guys would sound after 25 years of being as a band. The band, however, didn't disappoint. The singer announced that they are in town to try and get a record deal going, so that they can release more goodies.

    SLF played an amazing set. The crowd was going insane. Punks and skins, which filled up the whole club, like sardines in a can, were going all out as SLF kicked out amazing tunes, one after another.

    SLF played: "Soldier," "Guitar and Drums," " Tin Soldier," the crowd favorite "Altenrnative Ulster," cover of the Specials' "It Doesn't Make It Alright," Clash's "White Riot," and lots more. I can't wait to see them again. They are just an amazing band, on their records, and live.

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