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Snit's Dog And Pony Show
April 13, 2001
At Cactus Music
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
April 18, 2001

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1. Snit's Dog And Pony Show
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  • A great local record shop is one of the best things a city should have. In Houston there is Cactus Music. There are always some great instore performances at Cactus Music by local and national acts. It's a great place to catch a taste of a band you haven't heard before, and it's a great place to see a band you really enjoy up close.

    Tonight was the CD release of local band, Snit's Dog And Pony Show. "Snit" Fitzgerald, being the former drummer of the Hollisters, has been playing every tuesday night at the Continental Club with this new musical outfit.

    Those people expecting to hear a knock off of the Hollisters was in for a suprise, Snit's Dog And Pony Show was all about rock n' roll. You would also be suprised to see Snit out from behind the kit, singing and playing rhythm guitar. I was impressed with Snit's vocal talents and loved the music.

    The material ranged from old rock n' roll covers by people such as Chuck Berry to flaming hot originals that kept the rock-a-rollin'. The lead guitarist was dead on, and the addition of a piano player really gave it that true rock n' roll edge.

    I really wasn't expecting to be amazed by Snit's Dog And Pony Show, but couldn't help but leave impressed. I really never expected the great sound this band had. I left Cactus Music a true fan of Snit's Dog And Pony Show's music. It was great rock n' roll.

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