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Tenacious D
April 17, 2002
Verizon Wireless Theater - Houston, TX

Samuel Barker
Senior Editor
Tenacious D (picture by Samuel Barker)

The greatest band in the world, at least that is what they call themselves, came to Houston with the simple goal of rocking the town.

Coming in with a simple stage show, humble pyrotechnic (two nerf rockets) and only one album under their belt, one would expect a short, sweet set, but this was far from the case.

Upon coming on stage, Black (JB) and Gass (KG) went directly into the theme song from Flash Gordon, which led to a few cheers from the sci-fi geek fans who knew where the song was from. The set then went full steam for well over two hours, during which time the D played their entire repertoire of songs except for Karate. This song was a humorous part of the set to the fans to the right of the stage as a 3-year-old fan belted out a verse from her seat upon a speaker.

Aware of the monotony of having two men with acoustics playing for hours on end, the set was broken up into a few segments, which were set apart by a couple of short films.

The first film accompanied “Tribute.” In search of the same idea that led to them writing the best song in the world, JB and KG headed to the desert to take some LSD and “ride the snake to Valhalla.” When KG felt no effect of the LSD and inspected the box to learn it was actually an EPT pregnancy test, JB, who had been experiencing a trip through a placebo effect, snapped to just in time to help KG deliver his baby.

Since KG gave birth, the baby was donned “Butt Baby” and was given to a female audience member with hopes that she could save the baby from the hardships of life on the road with his parents, the D.

The second film accompanied “Kyle Quit the Band.” After an onstage fight over KG never having any money, the band broke up. On the screen, we were showed life after the D for JB, who had become a prostitute offering hand jobs for $5, blowjobs for $10 and rim jobs for $20. Finally getting a customer, JB services him only to find out it’s KG with no money.

The D closed with “City Hall,” which had everyone screaming for more, but they are left with only the hope that Tenacious D will soon return to Houston with their unique blend of acoustic metal and comedic escapades.

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