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w/ Piebald, From Autumn To Ashes, Most Precious Blood, Low End Theory
February 22, 2002
Club Krome - Old Bridge, NJ

Meredith Goldberg
Contributing Writer
Thursday (file photo from: Victory Records

My friends and I showed up at this show a little later than we planned, so we did not catch the first band. Between some of my friends not being on the guest list that they were supposed to be on and the struggle to find a way for them to get in so that they were not stranded in New Jersey, that was the last thing on my mind. Luckily, I was told that the first band to go on, Low End Theory was pretty bad anyway.

After Low End Theory finished, From Autumn To Ashes went on. Recently, From Autumn To Ashes have become a big part of the New York Hardcore Scene. Since I had never really heard or seen them before this show, I was very interested in what they would be like. I personally didn't see anything that seemed so special about them. The music was not bad, but the vocals just weren't that good at all. The crowd was very into them, and watching kids dance to them was much more exciting than watching them perform. The last song that they played was "Short Stories with Tragic Endings". This song featured vocals from Melanie Wills of the band One True Thing. If it weren't for this song, they would have had a very bad set. Seeing a girl singing with a hardcore band was extremely cool. She had an awesome voice and she really saved their set. I definitely plan on finding more out about her band.

The next band to go on was Most Precious Blood. Although, I have never been a big fan of Most Precious Blood, I had always been impressed by their performance. At this show, I was not so impressed. They did not have as much energy as they usually do. They opened with "Less Than Zero" and they closed with "Hallowed be Thy Name". Once again, watching the kids dance in the pit was more entertaining than the actual band on stage was.

The second to last band that went on was Piebald. They were a nice break from the hardcore bands that had just played. It was now time for the emo/indie rock kids to have their fun. Piebald played a very good set. They opened with "American Hearts", which was quite a crowd-pleaser. They played mostly new songs off of their new album We Are The Only Friends We Have, such as "Just a Simple Plan", "Long Nights" and "King of the Road". They closed with "Grace Kelly with Wings", and played a great set.

Finally, it was time for Thursday to take the stage. Since Thursday are from right around the area of New Jersey that Club Krome is located, having their show sell out was very big for them. They played the songs that they usually play, like, "Porcelain", "Paris in Flames", "Understanding in a Car Crash" and "Cross-out the Eyes". Two great surprises about their set was when they played the songs "Dying in New Brunswick" and "This Side of Brightness", which are songs off of their album Waiting, that they rarely play anymore. Every single time that I see Thursday, they put a more energetic, thrilling show than the last.

I really enjoyed this show a lot. Seeing Thursday come as far as selling out Club Krome made the atmosphere of the show very high-spirited. I know that I thought the show was incredible and I'm pretty sure that everyone else that attended it did to!

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