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The Toasters,
Scofflaws, King Django, Bluebeats,
The Rudy Crew and Now Serving #38
September 8, 2001
At The Village Underground
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
September 11, 2001

File Under: Ska/Reggae
bands performing
1) Now Serving # 38
2) The Rudy Crew 
3) Bluebeats 
4) King Django 
5) Scofflaws 
6) Toasters 
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  • As I was still kind of asleep and making my way to Wetlands for the show, I realized that this will be my last show attending this wonderful club. Still, I was psyched for this bitter-sweet celebration of the last ska show at Wetlands.

    The first band on was Now Serving # 38. NSN38 had the sax player in the lineup this time, so I thought that they were gonna have a better set than last time. Oh how wrong I was. NSN38 had a tolerable, but weak, set. They almost put me to sleep.

    Next came the Rudy Crew. RC had a tight sound. The 2 singers' toasting was something to hear. I really look forward to see these guys again.

    Blubeats came shortly after. Bluebeats had an amazing set, which consisted of songs, such as: "May I," "This Cruel World," and many others. Mike Drance's soulful vocals really made the set for me. The instrumentals very really great too, especially the keyboard, which really carried the song.

    King Django opened up with a tune, from his Skinnerbox days, "Does He Love You." The rest of the songs were tight too. KJ played some Stubborn All-Stars' tunes, such as: "Grand Masters" and "Tired of Struggling." He also played some of the newer stuff, like: "LKO," "Reason," and much, much, more.

    The great Scofflaws came next. Scofflaws have suffered a lot of line up changes over the past couple of years, so I was interested in how they would sound like this time around. Scofflaws kind of got off to a bad start. They just sounded kind of beat up from the beginning, even thought they opened up with a Skatalites tune. Scofflaws' set, soon, picked up. They were breaking out the classics, such as: "Paul Getty," "Nude Beach," William Shattner," "You Left The Back Door Open," and a lot more goodies.

    Toasters came next. Toasters announced that Jack Ruby Jr. would not be in the line up, so there will be no toasting. It kind of made me sad when they played instrumentals over the parts that had toasting in them.

    Despite the set back, the Toasters managed to kick off a great set, playing such songs as: D.L.T.B.G.Y.D," "Running Right Through the World," "2 Tone Army," and more.

    The show was great. It's a rarity to have so many ska bands, playing in one show, these days. I had fun, and was really tired from all the dancing, and such.

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