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The US Bombs,
Union, Loved And Hated,
and Clearview 77
July 2, 2001
At The Wetlands
New York City, NY

by Alex Rud
July 6, 2001

File Under: Punk/Hardcore
bands performing
1. Clearview 77
2. Loved and Hated
3. Union 13
4. U.S. Bombs
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  • Loved And Hated
  • Due to the cancellation of the first, mystery, band; Clearview 77 went on first. Clearview 77 is a Melodic-Punk band from Brooklyn. Now I don't really dig their sound that much, but them and me go way back. They used to, and still play, in my old neighborhood. Their loyal supporters came out to cheer them on, and they seemed to be having a great time. CV77 closed with one of my favorite U2 songs, "With or Without You."

    Loved and Hated were up next, and the crowd came alive. They didn't get as good of a reception as I thought that they deserved, but a few loyal supporters were dancing and singing along. Loved and Hated kicked ass as they played all their songs from the EP, such as: "Fucked Up," " Come To Me," " C'mon Everybody," and Too Late." They did other songs as well. They kicked a lot of ass, I can't wait to see them again soon.

    Union 13 was much different Live than I expected. They were really great and energetic and got a lot of people to move around. If they ever headline I probably wouldn't see them, (unless there are good opening bands) but if they opened up for someone good, I'd definitely like to check em out again. They finished off the set with a Spanish version of Rancid's "Roots Radicals" which they did an awesome job at covering.

    Finally U.S. Bombs took stage. The Bombs, as usual, opened up with "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and the crowd went crazy. The whole set was insane as they pulled out new songs like: "Yer Country," "Rubber Room," "Bloody Rag," as well as some of the old crowd favorites: "Jaks," "The World," "U.S. Of Hate," and other great songs. These guys just keep getting better all the time. I already miss them and hope that they can come back soon. In the mean time, I will listen to their records. Peace!

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