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Vans Warped Tour
August 4, 2001
At Randall's Island
New York, NY

by Alex Rud
July 24, 2001

File Under: punk, rock, hip hop, reggae
Alex's Schedule
12:20-12:50 Rogue's March/ Got my Schedule
12:50-1:20 AFI/ Walked around a bit
1:20-1:40 No Motiv/Madcap
1:50-2:20 Walked around
2:20-2:50 Dropkick Murphys
2:50-3:20 Flogging Molly
3:20-3:50 Went to get merch.
3:50-4:20 Pennywise
4:20-4:50 Vandals
4:50-5:20 Walked around
5:20-5:50 H2O
5:50-6:20 Bouncing Souls
6:35-7:10 River City Rebels/BigWig
7:20-7:50 Morgan Heritage
7:50-8:20 Rancid
8:20-End Rollins Band/Walked around looking for friends. 
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  • The 2001 Warped tour kicked a lot of ass. Not only were the bands great, but I got in for free, and was given a schedule of all the bands. The schedule made it easier for me to see all the bands that I wanted to, and I did just that.

    As soon as I went in Rogue's March came on. RM is a Celtic-rock bands and they were really good. Unfortunately, I couldn't see them for a long time, because I had to go check in the "Press Section" and get all my shit. I could still hear them from all the way back there, and they sounded great. They were so good that I had to get their album.

    After I got my schedule I went over to the main stage. AFI was already into the first 2 songs. AFI were OK, nothing special. They played a few old songs, which kicked ass, but mostly their set was weak and not to my liking.

    After AFI, I went to the local stage. First Meredith dragged me to see No Motiv. No motiv were a pop-punk band, they were not too bad, but I didn't like them. On the stage not to far from that one, I heard a familiar sound, and a second later I was like "Oh my god, it's MADCAP!" I rushed to see them. Madcap played a very short, but strong, set. The kids were really into them, and the band was really into it as well. The kids were throwing all sorts of stuff on the stage, not because they didn't like them, but because Madcap asked them to do so.

    After Madcap, I decided to take a short break, since no good bands were playing, and went to get some refreshments, and hunt down the Flogging Molly merch section.

    When I got back, Dropkick Murphys were taking stage. I was excited about seeing them, because they are one of my favorite bands of all time.. This was the first set I actually saw from start to finish. DKM opened up with "For Boston" and never looked back. They played such great songs as: "Boys On The Docks," " "Which Side Are You On," "Rocky Road To Dublin," and a few more. Surprisingly they closed with "Curse Of The Fallen Soul," which was weird, because they usually close with "Skinhead On The MBTA." DKMs' set was short, but sweet. They didn't get to play all their songs, but they made it best of the 30 minute set.

    After DKMs' set, I rushed over to catch Flogging Molly.. Flogging Molly played one of the best sets of the night. FM opened up with "Selfish Man.." The rest of the set contained all my favorite songs like: "The Likes Of You," "Black Friday Rule," and the closing song "Salty Dog."

    Once again I found myself without no bands to see for about half an hour. I decided to go over to the merch section where I got a Rogue's March album. I asked the singer which one was the best to buy, and he gave me a cd which contained 6 songs from each album(12 in all). The album kicks so much ass that I want to get more of their stuff.

    Pennywise was on next. I've seen Pennywise a lot of times before, and they always put on a great show. Pennywise got the crowd to go fucking insane as they played such old favorites, such as: "Pennywise," "Perfect People," and more. The highlight of their set was when they invited Lou from Sick Of It All came on as they covered Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop."

    Vandals came next. Vandals were up to their old silly selves. Joe (the lead singer) was up to his old silly self, while Warren (the guitarist) did some great guitar work. What made the set for me was when they played "Oi! To the World." The last track "I Have A Date" Warren took over the singer role. He was doing his made-up dance "The Mechanical Man." His dance was very similar to "The Robotic Man," but I will let that slide. In the middle of the dance he mooned the crowd. Warren is definitely up for the "Best Ass at Warped Tour '01" award.

    LTJ took stage next. I am not much of a fan, so I went to wash up and stuff. I could still hear them the whole time, and from what I heard, they were not bad.

    H2O was next. I didn't see H2O live in almost 2 years now, so I was pretty stocked for them. Their set was very good, despite what I had imagined. H2O has definitely still got it. H2O opened up with "Everready" and the crowd went crazy. They played almost all of their old crowd favorites, and only played 2 new songs. Fred Madball came on stage to sing "Guilty By Association" which made the set for me even better. H2O closed with a cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" which got everyone excited. Davey Havok from AFI came on stage to sing with the boys. I think I have even more respect for H2O now that I see that they didn't really leave their hardcore roots.

    Bouncing Souls opened up with "Here We Go." I thought they had a very strong set. The crowd was really into them, despite the huge amount of dust, which made it harder to enjoy them. BS played their usual, great set, nothing too special. I was too busy coughing up dust most of the time. I don't think they are a great outdoor band, they definitely lacked the energy of the other times I saw them.

    After BS, I ran over to the local stage to catch River City Rebel in action. RCR played some good songs such as: "Small Time Pride" and many others.I didn't get to see them for a long time, because BigWig was playing on the stage next to it. I ran over just in time to hear their last few songs. BW were pretty good, but lacked that energy that they have playing in clubs. It was still nice to see those guys up there doing what they do so well.

    I finally bumped into all my friends who I didn't see since the beginning of show and stopped for a breather, but that didn't last for long, because Morgan Heretage was about to go on.

    Morgan Heretage was on the main stage. I ran like hell to catch his band's set. MH and his band was one of the best bands on the tour. Warped Tour needed a reggae band, and they got just that. Most people there didn't realize that they were seeing such a great-legendary act such as Morgan Heritage. I will always remember seeing his set, and hopefully it will not be my last time seeing him.

    Rancid came on shortly after. Tim played the opening line to "Radio" and the crowd went fuckin' nuts. Rancid played mostly their old stuff, such as: "Nihilism," "Journey To The End Of East Bay," "Ballads of Jimmy& John," and closed with "Ruby Soho." Rancid has even more respect from me now. They play what the crowd wants, and they can bring rock the house anytime. They are totally down-to-earth guys, and deserve the fame that they have.

    Last band of the day was Rollins Band. I was excited to see the "legend of hardcore" (Henry Rollins) live. I don't like his new band, but just seeing him up on stage made the set that much better. Henry showed a lot of energy on stage, too bad the music wasn't as energetic as he was. That made the set really boring. I didn't stay for Rollins' Band for long, because I had to track down my friends, so that they wouldn't leave without me.

    I went home very tired, but happy. This year's warped tour was a great experience. The bands kicked ass, and I got to see all my favorite bands.. I left home feeling good about myself. I can't wait till next year's Warped Tour!

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