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February 22, 2001
At The Aerial Theatre
Houston, TX

by Samuel Barker
March 1, 2001

File Under: Emo/Dork Rock
bands performing
1. Get Up Kids 
2. Weezer 
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  • Weezer
  • Having missed the smaller club show Weezer did in Houston a few months back I made sure to be at this show. I got my tickets and counted the days. I had a moment of fear though, had I hyped this show up to myself so much that it'd let me down? I was about to find out, but first I had to get through the Get Up Kids' set.

    I was initially stoked to see the Get Up Kids, I liked their music on album so I figured for a good show. I've had people tell me they're a lot better studio band than a live band, and I can totally agree with that. I can't really put my finger on it, but I just couldn't get into their set. Maybe they're a small club band or something, but the energy wasn't there. They were active on stage, and played their songs accurately, but their energy didn't carry far beyond the stage. I was impressed with their sound live, and their keyboard player was great, but nothing really clicked with them. The last song they played was pretty fun because they went all out and left everything on the stage, but it wasn't enough to salvage the set.

    Now came the time I was waiting for, Weezer. Between the Get Up Kids set and Weezer's set I walked around and played with some of the booths Yahoo! had around the theatre. It was a really rad set up. A lot of free stuff which is good, and it wasn't useless free stuff, it was good free stuff. You could try out some Gibson guitars, get free CDs, get your picture taken with cardboard cutouts of the band, and you could take a picture of yourself at the show and send it to people, no better way to rub it in that you're seeing Weezer and they aren't. So after collecting my free CD voucher, I made my way to the stage to wait for Weezer.

    After a short wait, Weezer took the stage. The curtain fell and Rivers Cuomo and bassist, Mikey Welsh, were sitting off to the side and Rivers was playing a song on a small keyboard and singing. Slowly the rest of the band came out and joined in. As soon as Brian Bell came on stage he began playing the opening to "My Name Is Jonas". I felt my heart rise, I was so stoked to see this band. Rivers came over to his guitar, put it on, and went into the song full force. It was such an awesome sight. The next song was "El Scorcho" which they played perfectly. It was great because the whole crowd was singing along and everyone was totally into the set.

    As the band finished up a few more older songs, Weezer went into 4 new songs. It was great to hear them play something new. I am totally stoked for their new album after hearing the songs. They ranged from the old sound to a lot harder pop rock. It was so wonderful to see them playing the new material.

    When the last new song was finished, they went back into their older songs. The first one was "Undone (The Sweater Song)" this song got everyone their totally hyped up. Everyone was singing and jumping, it was a great time. Then the band went into "Buddy Holly" and midway through the curtain at the back of the stage fell to show big lit up Weezer emblem. It was awesome to see them playing these older songs with such feeling. I was stoked when they went into my all time favorite Weezer song "In The Garage". I sang along as loud as I could and totally felt the vibe. It was nice to look around and see thousands of people singing along and being so into a set. It was great. The final song of the set was "Say It Ain't So" which kept the people going. It was amazing to realize how many awesome memorable songs Weezer had written in just two albums. As the song ended, so did the set.

    As the audience chanted "Weezer!" over and over again and held their hand up making a "W", the bassist, Mikey Welsh, walked out and began playing the bass line for "Only In Dreams" as he played the rest of the band filtered out on stage and went into the song. It was a great extended version of the song. It was a great showcase of the band's talents. When the song ended I figured the show would too, but they went directly into "Surf Wax America". I had to jump up and down when they kept playing. I was so happy to see them still playing. Then came the dreaded moment, the final song. Rivers told everyone goodnight, and then they went into "Tired Of Sex". It was a great moment to see Rivers sing "Why can't love come true!" then converge at the center of the stage with the other members to hit the last few chords in true rock star fashion. It was an amazing set and a magical set for a hardcore fan like myself.

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