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69 Minutes Of Fame:
The Two Man Advantage Documentary By Mark Foster

Samuel Barker
August 29, 2001

Two Man Advantage

Rating: A+

69 Minutes of Fame is a great look into the lives of one of the best up and coming hardcore/punk bands in the scene today, Two Man Advantage. Those of you who don't know who 2MA is, you should definitely see this video before venturing out to a show so you can be prepared for the maniacal display of punk rock that will appear before your very eyes.

Shot by Mark Foster, 69 Minutes of Fame is just that, a 69 minute look into the lives of all the members of Two Man at home and on a road trip with the band that takes you though 9 days, 8 cities, and hilarious moment after hilarious moment. This is a fun look at a band taking their show on the road and having a good time no matter how large or small the show is.

Joining the band on tour is the slightly perverted punk band, Phil A. Sheo and the Goods. Some of the best moments of the video involve staying at Phil's parents house and the "bunny spotting" episodes. You will be rolling in the aisles for the majority of this show. Throughout the video we take looks into certain members' regular lives and you can't help but wonder how someone who is a clean cut office worker could end up in hockey gear playing punk rock and drunk off their ass. It provides hope to all of us who are in the business world, you can have it all.

The documentary is also full of great footage of the band's first show, as well as footage from their jobs. Seeing Teemu Heineken with his family was one of the best scenes in the documentary, as well as shots of Spag at work.

This documentary will definitely lead to a few new fans for the band (note: few means A LOT). It's funny, informative, and gets you right into the band. You can't help but love it. If you're in the New York area, be sure to see the premiere screening on September 22nd.

Two Man Advantage is best summed up by a kid interviewed by Foster named Matt, "they're like a glorified boy band, you have the quiet ones and you have the half naked one with a Captain Morgan bottle in his hand." Classic!

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