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A Conversation With Spag a.k.a. Drunk Bastard: Part 2
by Alex Rud
August 14, 2001

Drunk Bastard

Alex: How did you guys get your nicknames (ie Drunk Bastard)?

Spag: We were in Portland and we just played a show and I was super drunk. I was walking around the club in my boxer shorts with a roll of drink tickets hanging out of my draws. I was a mess. The band wanted to leave and I did not. So they dragged me to the van and I was really pissed cause I had like 4 more free drinks coming to me. Anyway, I'm in the back of the van laying out and I started to get the spins, I was ready to puke, it was time. I told the Rookie to pull over and he refused, he told me if I was going to puke I was going to puke on myself and that we weren't stopping for me cause I was being an asshole. So I got pissed and I started throwing bottles at the Rookie's head while he was driving. I was going to kill him then Skate grabs me and tells me to calm down. Then he was like "Your a Drunk Bastard" and everyone started to laugh when we got back from tour they gave me a jersey with Drunk Bastard on the back. As far as the rest of the names go Teemu, Amstel, Captain and My self (originally) took half of our favorite NHL player names and half of our favorite Beer/ booze and combined the two. Captain's real name is Captain Bannerman. Bannerman comes from the Jewish goalie from Chicago and Captain is Captain Morgan Rum. Skate just said fuck that I'm just Plain Old Skate. The Coach was the Coach cause he wasn't playing any instrument so he was going to coach us. The Rookie was given to the Rookie cause he was the new young kid. And we can tell the Rookie what to do. Our new bass player Snapshot got his name cause he use to take photo's of us. He's like this amazing Photographer. MYK is short for Mike with a touch of metal. That's pretty much how it happen.

Alex: When you are not playing in 2MA, what do you do for money?

Spag: Gamble and work the streets. No, we all have good jobs. We have to, we're older and we live in the most expensive city in the world. We're an Architect, Photographer, PA for movies/ TV commercials, Record store Manager, Legal Secretary, Bartender / Manager, Unemployed, and Metal Merch man. You figure out who's doing what. You'll never believe it.

Alex: How has your new record label, Go-Kart, been treating you guys?

Spag: Amazing. I swear, we couldn't be happier with Go-Kart. Greg, Dean, Tim & the interns have done a great job getting the record out there. The record is getting great reviews and for the most part people are really digging it. Go-Kart is, as far as were concerned, the best Punk Rock Label on the East Coast. No bullshit. Go-Kart puts out what they like and what they believe in, and as far as I'm concerned that's punk rock.

Alex: What part of Long Island are you guys from?

Spag: We're from all over Nassau and two of us now live in Brooklyn.

Alex: Have you guys lived there all your life?

Spag: Well most of us are born and raised in NY. Coach is from Pittsburgh, he moved to NY around '90 and Teemu is from Orange County, Cali. He moved here in '94 or so.

Alex: What do you think of sXe people (such as myself) who enjoy your music (as hard as it is to believe)?

Spag: We're all for it, we had this song on our first demo called "Go Home Little Straight Edge Boy" and I remember a lot of straight edge kids would go nuts for that song and sing a long. It was all tongue and cheek. But a lot of Straight edge kids hate us and that's fine because we know that the Straight Edge police will be drunk by the time they get to college. You must be straight edge for the right reasons not the wrong ones. Being straight edge should only concern yourself. Why should you care if I drink, it's not affecting you. So any Straight Edge kid that likes the Two Man, I'll hang with you and drink Pepsi with you.

Alex: You guys will be doing a live 7" from the show at the Continental, what songs will apear on it?

Spag: That 7" is never going to come out. It's some kid who got the dat from us like 2 years ago and he has no clue on what to do. If that comes out I'll be amazed. I know the kid had good intentions but he's young. Fuck, I haven't seen him at a show in a while. He properly grew out of us already. As far as songs go, it's a whole live show and he can choose what ever he wants. Maybe he's waiting till our new record goes gold so he can sell them all on E-Bay... Ha Ha

Alex: Are you guys ever gonna do any covers?

Spag: We do. We've done Ramones & Agent Orange covers live in the past but we never really plan on doing many more. We got way too many songs that need to be written. For us to play other peoples songs, we really don't got the time or energy to learn covers.

Alex: Do you think you will ever re-release "Drafted"?

Spag: That's a touchy one. Drafted is out of print and royalty is no where to be found. We're trying to find out what we have to do to get it out again. If we can get the masters back, we'll put it out ourselves or maybe we can find a label to help us out.

Alex: Do you enjoy any other sport other than hockey?

Spag: Sports suck. Hockey is not a sport, it's a way of life. Kind of like punk rock so don't forget it!

Alex: What do you think of the Islanders(haha)?

Spag: Why you laughing? You should be scared my boys are going to the playoffs this year with Yashin & Peca. Watch and learn my friend, the boys are back and they will be a force to recon with for the next 6 or 7 years. Remember my friend, history repeats itself. Can anyone say Dynasty?

Alex: Are any of you guys married?

Spag: Some of the guys WERE married. Their wives left them. I'm convinced they left them because of this band. As of right now, none of us are married or engaged. If you would have asked me a year ago, I'd say most of us are. Oh wait, MYK is married still. That's because he doesn't come on long road trips with us.

Alex: Would you guys ever take bands like Mad Cow Dizease 182, Hidden Agenda, Devochkas, or any other Long Island band on tour all around U.S?

Spag: Sure we're friendly with all those guys and girls. The only band left is the Devochkas and their new record on Punk Core is doing great. Last I heard, they're in Europe touring. We talked about doing an east coast tour with them in the future. I'd love to do it.

Alex: How would you describe the punk scene in L.I (or Ny in general)?

Spag: The Long Island scene is 100% bad emo shit. There is no place to play anymore and I think all the kids hate us. LI use to be great for us but lately we've notice a change in the scene. LI really needs a good solid venue and someone to put the scene together. It's very separated and clicky. You can have 4 really poorly attended shows on the same day. Kids still do VFW Hall shows and all ages shows at local bars on the weekends during the day but there is no club that just has punk rock shows weekly. We use to have the PWAC, Roadhouse & Groundzero now I don't thing we have anything. As far as New York City goes it's a little bit better, there's CB'S, the Continental, ABC no rio, C squat & a few other places that have shows once in a while. As far as bands, there are a lot of rock bands and a lot of punk bands that are playing. Check out some bands like Asstroland, INDK, Stockyard Stoics, The Bullys, L.E.S. Stiches and the Turbo AC'S. All bands are different in style but all rock in their own way and we'll play with all of them. NY is very diverse in sound, it keeps things fresh.

Alex: On this tour, what state (excluding NYC for obvious reasons) did you like playing in the most?

Spag: Denver Colorado. Denver was awesome we played two nights with some great bands and we hung out with our new friends the PBR Street Gang. These guys rocked in that old school thrash hardcore way like DRI or the Accused. Anyway, the people in Denver were just so cool about having the Two Man. They welcomed us with open arms. We had a party the first night and played the basement of this girls house, then the next day, which was the 4th, we had a BBQ and then got totally fucked up at our show at the 15th St Station. It was awesome. I think people were so into the Two Man in this city cause the Av's won the Stanley Cup, so hockey is very much a part of every day life in Denver. Denver is a hockey town and we liked that. We were very comfortable in Denver.

Alex: What would you guys like to say to everyone of your fans?

Spag: Enjoy life, take it easy, keep smiling, live life to it's fullest, don't get caught up with bullshit. Stay young. And most of all be a leader not a follower and of coarse Drink Beer, Play Hockey!!! Thanks!

Alex Rud is a staff writer. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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