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A Conversation With Glenn Danzig
by Ramiro Casas
June 7, 2002


RZ: After you put out Danzig 4, I read that you wanted to go for more of a tribal/industrial sound.

Danzig: I never said industrial, I said a more Samhain-y kinda like experimental sound.

RZ: Is that something you go into every album as a general approach?

Danzig: I just do different stuff. Every record I try to make different.

RZ: Is there any kind of recent music that's been out that has influenced you in any way?

Danzig: No. There's music that I like but nothing influences what I fuckin do.

RZ: Are there any literary influences, especially in the lyrics?

Danzig: No, not really.

RZ: When you go in to do tracks, how much do they change, if any, from the original concept to the final product?

Danzig: Some don't and some change drastically from the original concept, it all depends on the song.

RZ: The albums have gotten progressively harder as time has gone on. Is that something that you've consciously done or has that just kinda come out of what you wanted to do?

Danzig: It's consciously, I want each record to be progressively heavier and heavier especially as more bands start selling out to MTV and selling out to the big record labels you start seeing bands get softer and softer and I think it should get harder and harder as you establish more of a foundation. That's how I see it. It should just get harder and harder.

RZ: Are you writing all the music or how much do the other guys contribute?

Danzig: No, I write it all.

RZ: Do you have any comments on the whole situation with Marduk and their problems with getting into the States?

Danzig: What do you mean comments?

RZ: Well how do you feel about it?

Danzig: Well they should have been allowed to come in. We were the ones who picked them to come in and up until the last minute we thought they were gonna be able to get in and at the last minute they were denied INS approval.

RZ: Do you feel that there is any kind of bias of certain genres of music?

Danzig: Its just that certain guys have police records and that keeps them out.

RZ: As far as a sequel to Black Aria and the B-side collections, is that something you're still interested in doing?

Danzig: Yea.

RZ: Do you have any kind of interest in maybe incorporating some of the Black Aria sound with the full on Danzig sound?

Danzig: No. This is a rock band, its not an orchestra.

RZ: Have you had any requests from other bands to do any kind of engineering or production type of work?

Danzig: If I have I'd turn them down.

RZ: What is your process for choosing supporting bands?

Danzig: Something that I think will compliment the bill. Something I think that people should hear. A band that I like or that the band likes. Its pretty simple. No rap/metal.

RZ: How do you feel about UFC & Pride Fighting & that kind of thing?

Danzig: UFC?

RZ: Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Danzig: Nah, I don't care about that.

RZ: Thank you very much.

Danzig: Cool man.

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