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A Conversation With Dicky Barrett
by Jason Cipriano
August, 10 2002

Now, it has been a few days since I actually completed this interview with Dickey Barrett, lead singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and seeing as how I have no frame of reference I am still trying to figure out how it went for my first interview. Since I wasn't really prepared most of the questions are off the top of my head, and I'm pretty sure he knew that. (On the other hand the two kids who went in front of me seemed much more prepared, coincidently with some of the same questions, I don't think that helped me look to good). Sitting under a little tree backstage at the Randall's Island stop of Vans Warped Tour Dicky was good enough to spear a few minutes for me to interview him about the Bosstones new album and being on the Warped Tour among other things.

Jason Cipriano: Well, I was going to ask you about the switch to the indie label for your newest album, but they (the two kids that were there before me) already asked you...

Dicky Barrett: That's ok, it's probably important to your piece too, it's that, we weren't happy with the label that we were on, and it wasn't the label we agreed to be on. We had made ya know, 4 records previously with Mercury, but with merging, a merging that took place, we ended up on Island/Def Jam, they released Pay Attention, we weren't that happy with the way they handled it, and uh, we asked to be released, and we were, and now we're on SideOneDummy. End of story. Not very interesting, but that's the story.

JC: Is there anything a major label could do that SideOne can't?

DB: Probably, but who cares.

JC: So you're all through with them, and you're just gonna stick with SideOne?

DB: We are with SideOne now that's where we're happy to be.

JC: What's the deal with the name, that's kind of an interesting name... Jackknife To a Swan?

DB: I like the hard image of the knife with the word swan, and the beauty of the bird, but its more about the song, than about the album titles, the song is about a guy that jumps in front of a train, so ya know... go ahead next question.

JC: I know you co-wrote Jackknife to a Swan with Joe (Gittleman), I was just wondering what you though of Joe's side project, Avoid One Thing?

DB: I think that's a great band, Joe's a very talented guy, he's got a wealth of talent, and ya know, it would be very difficult for him to get to the bottom of everything he could possibly produce. What do you think of it?

JC: I really like that album, it's a very good album, one of the best albums I've heard in a while, its kinda in with the other sound, but its got its own. He wrote those songs very well.

DB: He's a great songwriter.

JC: What's the weirdest thing you ever gave to like a fan or something, like after a show?

DB: Nothing weird, they usually ask for my tie and I'll give that away.

JC: You gave one of my friends a pineapple once.

DB: Why did I do that?

JC: I don't know, you played Fordham University about 2 months ago...

DB: There was probably one in the dressing room, and I didn't want it to get wasted so I figured they could use it back in the dorm room

JC: She kept it in her room, and worshiped it for about a week and a half, until it got rotten.

DB: ... confused look...

JC: Out of all the albums you have collected in your catalog what's your personal favorite?

DB: Uhh... it might be something by the Boomtown Rats, or maybe, The Clash, Give 'em Enough Rope album, or... uh... it changes from time to time, it varies, something by the Pogues maybe.

JC: And by the Bosstones, what's your favorite Bosstones' album?

DB: I'm usually onto the most recent, and right now I'm into Jackknoife, but I love 'em all.

JC: Show like this, big Warped Tour, which do you prefer, a big big show like this where a lot of people can hear your music, or a little intimate club show?

DB: Apples and oranges, I love being on the warped tour and I like doing club shows, and it's for different reasons

JC: Alright, that's good. What's your favorite band to like when you're walking around catch at a show like this?

DB: Probably, Flogging Molly.

JC: Yeah, good band. What do you think of Joe's coffee that he sells?

DB: It's good coffee. I think Joe does a few things really well, writes really good songs, and produces a good cup of coffee.

JC: Alright, that's pretty much it,

DB: Thanks, Buddy

JC: Thank you.

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