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A Conversation With
Danny, Adrian, and Scott
Of Dynamite Boy

Samuel Barker
June 30, 2001


Samuel Barker: First off, what are your names and what do you do?

Adrian: I'm Adrian, nickname: El Nino, I play bass and sing backup vocals.

Scott: I'm Scott, I play drums.

Danny: I'm Danny, I play rhythm guitar and sing backup vocals as well.

Samuel: What were each of your first years in the band?

Scott: Well, I'm the oldest member in the band next to Sean. Sean joined in 1995. They kicked their old singer out for whatever reason so Sean joined in 1995. I joined in 1996. Adrian joined in 1998, and Danny has been with us for a year and a half now.

Danny: Nearly two years now, it'll be two years in August. I'll always be the new guy, at least until they kick me out and get another new guy.

Samuel: So, you guys are from Austin, is there a good pop punk scene there?

Danny: When I went there in 1997 when I was in college, going to UT, there weren't too many good bands. There was Dynamite Boy, this was before I was in the band, and there was Shaft.

Scott: Because you moved to Austin when there was a lull in the scene. There were a lot of good bands before that.

Danny: From what I understand it goes up and down.

Scott: Yeah, that's the Austin scene for you, it goes up and down.

Adrian: Right now it's gotten a lot better.

Danny: I think when the Impossibles broke up it hurt the scene. Right when they broke up everything went to crap. But right now there are so many good bands that we want to every band on a bill, but we're limited to only 3.

Samuel: I noticed that since Andrew left the band you guys have been touring a lot more, have you thought about taking any of the local bands on the road with you all?

Scott: No, we're not really big enough to take anyone with us.

Adrian: Not that we don't want to.

Scott: Yeah, we're still where we're opening for bigger national acts ourselves, so it's kinda hard to try and take someone on the road with us.

Danny: I think if the band gets bigger in size and gets a national following, we'll definitely hook up with some other bands. Those will be the first people we'll take out, because we're good friends with them.

Samuel: Well, with touring so much, has there been a good response to the shows?

Adrian: Yeah, mainly because for the past year we've toured with a lot of good bands. No Use For A Name, Strung Out, The Bosstones, The Queers, so touring with all these bands helped us a lot. So we actually are headlining this tour. Even if there are 10-12 people at a show, 5 of them come requesting songs and know about the band.

Danny: Yeah, at a lot of shows at least 5 people reqest songs. We actually sold our first show ever in Sarasota. I think it may have had a lot to do with the local bands, but we were the last band to play. They had to turn away about 75 kids at the door. It's a really cool feeling. We've seen the potential for the band to get bigger. A lot people are calling this Dynamite Boy's year, I don't see it, but it shows that there is a good response for the band.

Samuel: So how long have you been on this tour?

Adrian: It's been 3 weeks today.

Samuel: Yeah, I saw you here on the 14th of last month with the Ataris.

Danny: That was a kinda one off, we used to have the same booking agent and he set the show up. We knew it'd be a lot of fun for us. Houston is like a second home for us, so it was a great show to do.


Samuel: You can look around the internet and find a lot of information on the band, so the buzz is there, do you ever hear from any major labels or anything like that?

Adrian: Yeah, interest. They usually want to talk. It's like "We'd like to talk to you." Then they're like "Well, we like you but..."

Danny: I think a lot of it has to do with image. We don't look like to cover of....

Scott: Spin.

Danny: Yeah, Spin. A lot of labels check us out as SXSW, but some of it was by accident. We played a free show with the Alkaline Trio.

Samuel: Is that something you'd be interested in, are you happy with Fearless?

Adrian: We're happy with Fearless, but when we joined Fearless we were told that we might do well, but that they were a stepping stone to the next level as are most indie labels.

Danny: I think anyone who says they don't want to be on a major label is lying to you. Who wouldn't want to be successful at their job. Especially this, it's our job. Who doesn't want to make a living doing what they love? No one gets pissed off when a doctor makes a lot of money.

Adrian: Yeah, like I heard Sean say a few days ago, 'If you're in a band and you don't want to make it, what are you gonna do? Start getting big and just break up?'

Danny: Yeah, if we get big, we're not going to change our sound or anything, we'll still be the same band you've been coming to see at Fitzgerald's for the past few years.

Samuel: So it's more about staying with what you're doing and not changing to suit everyone.

Danny: Yeah, a major label has a lot better distribution than any indie label nowadays. We want our music to get out.

Samuel: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Adrian: Tour.

Danny: We're heading out on tour July 6th with a band called the Stryder. I think they're on Victory. We're doing the Midwest out to the West Coast. There we pick up a band called Junction 18 in San Francisco and shoot back across to the East Coast. Then we do Furnace Fest August 3rd through 5th. Then we do the last few shows with River City High, and Atom and His Package. We're expecting them to sell out. I think after that we're going to take a break. There is some minor talk about us heading to Australia in October. We signed with a label over there called Shock Records, and they're distributing our record over there. Right now kids over there are paying about $40 for the CD and now they can get it for $10 or so. If we do go to Australia it'll be unbelievable.

Adrian: Yeah, it'd be a new experience for us. It'd be the first time, well besides Canada, that we'd go out of the states.

Danny: Then we'd break up. That's all we need.

Samuel: Has touring been fun, seeing the entire nation and everything?

Danny: It's the definitely the most rewarding part of this next to playing to kids who know your music.

Adrian: It's something you have fun with. It's like when I first went to Canada, I was pretty freaked out that I wasn't in the US anymore. There are some parts of Canada that feel European.

Scott: Especially in the areas where they only speak French.

Danny: It's weird when you buy something over there and pay $20 and get $30 back in change. It makes you realize you're not in America anymore.

Samuel: What have been some of your favorite places to play now that you've been touring for a while?

Adrian: St. Petersburg. A year ago we played at this place called Janus Landing. It was this huge outdoor stage. It's like the mainstage of Warped Tour.

Scott: CBGB's was awesome. There are a lot of gutter punks there.

Danny: McAllen was cool. We played with the Offspring in McAllen, TX, where I went to high school, and there were like 2,700 kids there. Actually, that's one of my favorite memories.

Samuel: Well, I guess we'll wrap this up.

Danny: We want to say that we have a website, dynamiteboy.com. Be sure to check that out.

Samuel: Thanks a lot.

Danny: Rockzone.com rules!

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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