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A Conversation With Gringo Starr, Tommy Hatefigger,
Antonio Badass, Al Of Hate,
and Paul E. Hate

Alex Rud
July 28, 2001

Eyes Of Hate are a great hardcore band from NY. They play old school style hardcore. The members were kind enough to answer some of my questions. So, without further delay, here is the interview........


Alex: What do you do in the band?

Gringo Starr(Jason Killabrew): I play drums.

Tommy Hatefigger: I play bass.

Antonio Badass I'm the roadie.

Al Of Hate: I sing.

Paul E. Hate: I play guitar.

Alex: How long have you been playing hardcore music?

GS: 11 years,

TH: 10 years,

AOH: Long fuckin time,

AB: Couple of years,

PEH: 12 years,

Alex: What bands were some of your influences ?

GS: Sick Of It All, Minor Threat,

TH: Gang Green,

AB: S.O.D., Sick Of It All, Suicidal Tendancies, Black Sabbath

AOH: Bad Brains, Regan Youth, Minor Threat, Government Issue and more

PEH: Sheer Terror, Black Flag, Token Entry, Regan Youth ect. ect.

Alex: Besides hardcore and punk, what are some other types of music you like?

PEH: Ska, Raggae, jazz, and blues.

AB: Jazz, Blues, Classic rock.

GS: 50's rock, Everything

TH: Everything except country and western.

AOH: Classical Music, Blues, and Jazz

Alex: What was the best show you have ever played?

GS: first one with Eyes of Hate

AB:First show with Tommy and Jason (Nightengales Manhatten)

TH: Saint Pattys Day Fat Cat Billards Manhatten

AOH: Last show at Nuyorican Poets Cafe w/ Killer Rodents, Good As Dead, Zombie Vandals, and Suburban Crisis.

PEH: Castle Heights w/ My old band Downside.

Alex: What can one expect at an Eyes Of Hate show?

GS: The Eyes Of Hate to play.

TH: Straight up aggression; Kick ass music.

AB: Have fun enjoy the show and drink.

PEH: Most intense powerful shit you ever seen before.

AOH: Powerful fast music done old school style.

Alex: You guys(EOH) do a parody of the song "Sweet Home Alabama" and make it "Sweet Home NYC". What made you guys decide to do the song?

AOH: Well one day these guys played the song in the studio, I got pissed and made my own words up it sounded good so we went for it.

Alex: Can we expect any new Eyes Of Hate material coming out anytime soon? Maybe a tour of some kind?

Entire band: Hell yeah, were lookin for a label for our CD and we will tour. We're in the process of booking shows. We have new songs already and there are tons more on the way.

Alex: What is your favorite T.V. show?

GS: The Pretender

TH: Raw Is War

AB: Simpsons

AOH: TV Sucks

PEH: I don't watch TV.

Alex: Name your top 5 favorite albums that were released in the last decade.

GS: Sick Of It All "Scratch The Surface", Neglect "10 Years Of Hate.

TH: Ice Cube "The Preadator", Rage Against The Machine 1st Album, Meshell Ndegeocello "Plantation Lullabies", Powerman 5000 "Blood Splat Rating System", Helmet "Betty"

AB: Rage Against The Machine "1st Album"

AOH: F.Y.P. Everything they ever put out(recess records), Jughead's Revenge "Image is Everything" Government Issue CD Re release on Doctor Strange, Void "Condenced flesh" re release can't find it right now., "At War With Society" New Red Archives Records Comp;

PEH: Social Distortion "White Heat White Trash" Ducky Boys "No Getting Out", Dropkick Murphys 1st, Bad Brains Tribute "Never give In" Anti-Heros "Underneath the Underground

Alex: Besides playing in a band, what else do you do for a living?

GS: Flooring with Local #2287

AB: Work as a cook.

TH: Work in Today's Man

AOH: Operate Heavy equipment Local #15

PEH: HVAC mechanic

Alex: Do any of the members have a side project?

Band: NO OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex: Would you like to say something to all the Eyes Of Hate fans, and hardcore fans in general, out there?

AB: Be Yourself!

GS: Keep It Real, Stop Fighting each other and fight the Real enemy!

TH: Just Keep coming out to shows support the scene and have a blast.

AOH: To those who supported us from the beginning, Thanks more is yet to come. See you at a show!

PEH: Never give up, be true to yourself.

Alex Rud is a Staff Columnist. Contact him at arud@rockzone.com.

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