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A Conversation With Chris Volz
by Allyson Sampey
June 3, 2002

Chris Volz
Chris Volz

Ally: So first, tell me who you are and what you do.

Chris: My name is Chris Volz, I sing for Flaw.

Ally: Tell me about the tour, good things, bad things etc.

Chris: The tour has been awesome, I mean, we've all been big Sevendust fans for a while, even before we got signed so, to play on a bill has definitely been awesome. There's been some stressful things happening here and there and you can never guarantee that crews are gonna get along with each other, but for the most part this tour has been awesome. Almost every show has sold out and were getting a chance to play a lot of cities that we haven't been to yet so its um ... awesome.

Ally: Is it hard always being so far away from your home in Louisville?

Chris: Well, it's got some positives and negatives. Its hard to be away from home, but at the same time its like after traveling a lot and for a long time you kind of get used to it. The only thing that really sucks is you get to go to a lot of really cool towns and...you don't get to see anything. You see the venue, the inside of a hotel room and your back on the highway so its almost like growing up. I thought there were 50 states in the United States and now its like its one, the United States is one big state because we never really see much different. Every once in a while you get a day off, but that's still...

Ally: Tell me some of your influences style-wise, inspirations, influences, and things you dislike and use in your music.

Chris: I'd have to say I grew up listening to a lot of like 80s rock and stuff. I'm a really big Prince fan, like when I saw "Purple Rain" when that first came out, for real, that was the shit back then. He was somebody that was putting his heart and soul into everything and writing songs about things that hurt him and you know, I mean...there's too many people out there that write songs about who they are. I'm not gonna say any names but...singers that have to put their own names in their songs like..."My name is..." Its like, who cares what your name is? Talk about something real.

Ally: Yeah lets not say nor imply any names.

Chris: But, I listen to everything from Hendrix, to Journey, to Prince then I started to get into like, Korn and the Deftones and all that when it came out. My biggest musical influence probably comes from 80s metal and a cross between maybe classical and jazz because that's what my parents listen to so...I listen to a lot of different stuff from hip-hop to jazz so, you know what I mean?

Ally: How exactly did the band come together? Who met who...who did what?

Chris: Well, I met the one guitarist Jason about 6 years ago. Then we started writing songs at that time. Ryan joined about a year later and um, and then we had all kinds of different things with like...going through drummers, people not having the dedication or commitment. Then we added our second guitarist, Lance, the one with the dreds and we also got a new drummer and that was about 2 and a half years ago. That's when the lineup actually solidified. So weve been slowly forming over the past 6 years but only the past 2 have we finished.

Ally: So it's never (insert my name here) and I'm cool with you?

Chris: Actually I hate that in music. I think that Rock itself has just, declined.

Ally: I agree, it's gone to a different place than it used to be.

Chris: People are worried about saying they got an 8-ball in their pocket and a 40 in their hand I mean, what does that have to do with life or, anything?

Ally: So, what are your future plans...whats FLAW gonna be up to when this tour is over?

Chris: Actually, tomorrow is the last date on this tour and then, weve got about a month of radio shows all around the United States with bands like Static-X and bands like that. Then, its not confirmed yet but it looks pretty good that well be going and doing the Europe Ozzfest and then stateside Ozzfest...How old are you?

Ally: Im 18...but I've been telling people I was 12...

Chris: Yeah, a lot of little kids come to our shows (laughs). We always try to get out and meet em. Were always walking around after shows in the crowd and signing our merchandise and such.

Ally: So what are your plans as far as a follow-up to "Through the Eyes?"

Chris: Well, were already planning for like...when we get our second album, were gonna get one big house in the middle of nowhere and live off a little budget and just, go back to the way we were before.

Ally: Speak freely...what do you want people to know about FLAW?

Chris: I want people to know that we are extremely real, we dont write about anything we havent felt or seen. That I hate the fact that music itself has become a corporate mind-fuck, we hate the fact that the industry makes a mockery out of the consumer, we hate the fact that bands think they can just play in a town and leave and not connect with the crowd. I dunno, were trying to do everything different from everything we hate about bands that weve seen early on.

Ally: Anything else you wanna add?

Chris: No, just...Thanks to everyone for all the support and I'm glad most can see past all the corporate stuff and can see that were being real.

Allyson Sampey is a contributing writer. Contact her at feedback@rockzone.com.

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