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A Conversation With Charlie Paulson, John Feldman, and Darrin Pfeiffer
Monica Barr
July 20, 2001

Between conversations about everything from video games to if Spiderman could beat Batman (I still say Batman), I got to ask Goldfinger a few questions about them and their music. After the July 17th show with Reel Big Fish, what started off as an interview with Charlie Paulson(guitar) ended up also including John Feldmann (lead vocals/guitar) and Darrin Pfeiffer (drums).

Monica: Introduce yourself and what you do.

Charlie: I'm Charlie, I play guitar in Goldfinger.

Monica: On your website you mention certain organizations(including PETA and Artists For A Hate Free America), what is your view on that? Also, are you vegetarian or vegan?

Charlie: I'm a vegetarian and I just think that people that like our band that will look at our album or site aren't necessarily ignorant or hateful people but maybe wouldn't be exposed to the ideas that Artists For A Hate Free America or PETA talk about. Know what I'm saying? Like I didn't really know how fucked animals got until John [Feldmann] became really active in animal rights. He really turned me on to a lot of things I just did not know. I never really knew about the fur industry or factory farming in fast food and all that shit and not only that...

[Darrin walks in at this point]

Darrin: Rage against the slaughterhouse, that's what we turned into. [In mock Rage Against the Machine Style] Lights out, turn out the slaughterhouse, send that cow home!

Charlie: That's Darrin, he's funny.

Darrin: Not really.

Charlie: Not very.

Darrin: Not ever.

Charlie: He's cute.

Darrin: I'm funny if you've heard my jokes the first time,but for Charlie whose heard them about...

Charlie: That was new, that rage thing was all new.

Monica: [to Darrin] What can we expect from the new Dangerous Darrin album?

Charlie: More of the same really.

Darrin: Lots of songs about Hockey, sleeping, masturbating, playing video games, and having sex with my wife.

Charlie: Oh there is a Charlie guest vocal on this one.

Darrin: There is a Charlie guest vocal on this one.

Charlie: As opposed to a Charlie guest guitar on the last one.

Darrin: There is going to be a Charlie guest guitar.

Charlie: What am I going to play on?

Darrin: On "Darrin's god awful guitar solo". Because the first record had "Darrin's Amazing Guitar Solo" and it was just me, like, playing awful, awful lead guitar.

Monica: Do you play guitar?

Darrin: Yeah I play guitar and bass.

Charlie: Play pretty good.

Darrin: So the new record is going to have a song called "Darrin's awful awful guitar solo" and it's going to be Charlie just shredding.[Darrin does a little air guitar solo at this point]

Charlie: Yeah I love my little Angus moment now in the set.

[Darrin goes on to name future songs off of Dangerous Darrin 2, including "Driving in LA Sucks." [Around this point, John Feldmann walks in]

Monica: [to John] So I heard you worked with Mest and Showoff, do you have any future plans with any other bands?

John: Yeah a band called Used from Salt Lake City I'm probably going to do.

Monica: Anyone else besides Darrin have any side projects?

Darrin: I ordered a side salad today.

Monica: [to Charlie] I know you've done some acting.

Charlie: A little bit.

Monica: What have you done exactly?

Charlie: I was in a bunch of really bad independent things that aired on HBO at like 3 in the morning, you'll never see them.

Monica: Are you planning on doing any acting in the future?

Charlie: [enthusiastically] Oh yeah.

Monica: Are you happy with Mojo [Goldfinger's Records Label] I heard Universal dropped it.

Charlie: They did, they don't exist anymore. They're gone.Mojo isn't anything, they're just nothing now.

Monica: So are you planning on going to a new label?

Charlie: Yeah.

Monica: Any ideas?

Charlie: No. Honestly, and I'm not being a Secret Squirrel,we don't have any fucking plans right now. We're going to finish touring, we're going to keep writing a new record, but who it's going to come out on is a mystery.

Monica: Early in your career you had a big hit with "Here In Your Bedroom." How did this change your view of radio, MTV, and popular music in general? Also, did it make your label put pressure on you to develop a more commercial sound?

Darrin: Jesus, sounds like a SPIN question.

Charlie: It made me more tolerant of bands that I thought were fucking up or blowing it. I thought, wow, there is so much crap people have to deal with. I was judgmental. Did we adopt a more commercial sound? No, not at all, we're pretty poppy. Did our label put pressure on us? No, in fact if they had put more on us we would have felt like they gave a shit, but they didn't...Mojo We wanted to call this tour, both us and Reel Big Fish, No Mojo.

Darrin: We figured a lot of people just wouldn't get it.

Monica: What is one thing you want your fans to remember, like the grandchildren of your fans?

Darrin: I want the grandchildren of my fans to talk about the band Goldfinger and Darrin's ass.

Charlie: Honestly...

Darrin: That we were a good live band. And goddamn sexy too.

Charlie: Yeah, we're goddamn sexy. No. We really, really,really, more than any other band I've ever seen gave a shit about if people were enjoying themselves and how much they paid for the tickets and the whole thing. I mean with the exception of Fugazi, you know, I mean we've all gotten beat up and have beaten up people because of sticking up for our fans. We made a lot less money than we could have so that people could come see our shows and buy t-shirts and stuff like that.

Monica: The Skeletones were on Darrin's Coconut ass, among other recordings. Have you ever taken them on tour?

Charlie: Yeah.

Monica: Would you consider taking them on the road again?

Charlie: I don't know if they're even together anymore,

Monica: Or just horn players in general?

Darrin: I don't think we would. It's just two more people on a bus that's already cramped. For two or three songs in a set that has 15, 16 songs.

Monica: Any last words?

Charlie: Yo es muy guapo.

Darrin: End is a good last word, thank you, or bye, goodbye.

Monica Barr is a contributing columnist. Contact her at goodgumby@aol.com.

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