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A Conversation With
Adam Blake, Toby Morse and Todd Friend
Meredith Goldberg
November 7, 2001

Toby Morse

Meredith: Introduce yourselves and say what you do in the band.

Adam: (Pointing to Todd) This is Todd, he plays drums in H2O.

Todd: This is Adam, he plays bass. And together...

Adam: We are the rhythm section.

Meredith: How is the tour going so far?

Adam: Well, it turned to shit tonight didn't it when Cyrus fell off the stage. He's a sweet kid too. He's a bad ass drummer. Up until that moment, it's been going great. New Found Glory are awesome guys. They bring such an open minded, pure audience. The audience isn't concerned with what record labels or what genres of music or this or that. They're just about being entertained. That's something we haven't been exposed to in a long time.

Todd: The tour has been like he said, a lot of open minded kids. I'm really distracted right now. Because I know what he's going through. I went through the same shit.

Adam: He broke his on the way to the European tour.

Todd: 2 or 3 months of serious rehab.

Adam: Fighting me!

Todd: No, it was an accident. But the tour's been really great and I hope it will continue.

-Toby Enters-

Toby: They're using the drummer from the Rx Bandits. They can't cancel the tour. They don't know what else is broke man, it's sad dude. (To Adam & Todd F.) Thanks you guys for starting without me. You guys rock. These guys are my family. I love these guys. -High Fives-

Adam: As I said, we took Roseland and made it our bitch!

Meredith: Do you ever miss playing the smaller venues that you used to play?

Todd: We played a couple of small ones on this tour. Like in South Carolina...We'll play anywhere, anytime.

Toby: But ya know, at this point, it's like, to play the Continental, it would like alienate so many people that want to see us. That's just like a diss. It's kind of like "fuck you". I mean, there's no place to play. And with Wetlands closing, and to be honest, I never liked the Wetlands. I hate the way it's set up as far as watching the band. CB's was the shit; Coney Island was the shit.

Adam: We're in a fortunate position as a band because we get to do things like this kind of a tour. (Adam gets interrupted by his cell phone) I think that when we get sick of playing to big crowds, well not necessarily sick, but when it gets routine and not exciting, then we're lucky when we get to go back to smaller venues.

Todd: It's like putting a different song in the set. It's like "ooh, something different!".

Meredith: What are your personal favorite songs to play live?

Adam & Todd: -Underneath the Flames.

Todd: I like Role Model a lot.

Toby: I love Role Model; I love all of the new songs.

Adam: What do I like out of the old songs?

Toby: I love Guilty by Association.

Adam: Yeah, Guilty by Association.

Toby: One Life, One Chance.

Adam: Right now we're fortunate, we've got 4 records and there's at least a certain amount of songs on each that all of us love to play live. I like M & M too. We haven't played that in a long time before this tour.

Meredith: What has been your favorite tour so far?

Adam: I think this is the greatest single tour we've ever done.

Toby: Yeah, this is the best tour we've ever done. Because it's a whole new audience of totally amped, open minded, non-jaded hardcore, young fucking influential kids who just love to hear the music. People may diss those kids and say "oh they're Blink182" and say they haven't been in the scene long enough. But you know what, they like the music for what it is. They're not worried about how long you've been together, what label you're on, if I'm straight edge, who's a vegetarian, who you're down with... All that shit is so corny.

Adam Blake

Meredith: It's been a while since you played with hardcore bands, is there any reason for that?

Toby: I don't like a lot of hardcore bands to be honest. I don't want to diss any bands. But I don't like metal; I don't like screaming vocals. As far as that goes, I like Rage Against The Machine's voice, I like Lou Sick of It All's voice. I like shit with melody. I don't like generic shit that's been done before. The only new band that I like is Kill Your Idols. I don't even know what's considered a hardcore band at this point. Papa Roach is a hardcore band to me. I mean, if they were on Victory Records, people would think they were the best shit.

Todd: Snapcase, Kill Your Idols, Sick of it All.

Toby: To me hardcore is like Minor Threat, Bad Brains.

Adam: Plus you also have to really consider that our audience has really changed and evolved over the years to something different. We've taken bands on tour that we don't necessarily know what they sound like, maybe we just heard they were cool, or maybe we knew them. I just think that as far as the audience goes, playing with certain kinds of hardcore bands, it's gonna bring out a certain element of hardcore that we don't like.

Toby: The kick boxing fighting.

Adam: I mean, you see at our shows a lot of young girls, young kids up front singing along. I don't want them to get punched in the face or kicked in the head.

Toby: And to take a hardcore band just to say "Yo, we're taking a hardcore band out, we're not forgetting our roots" and we don't like them, that's kind of weird. That's like working at a job you hate just to make the money.

Adam: That's selling out.

Toby: Yeah, that's selling out. We're not going to take out a hardcore band that sucks just to say, "Hey, we're taking a hardcore band out". We've taken Kill Your Idols, Ensign; we've taken a lot of bands we actually like. There's a lot of bands in the NY scene that don't really tour constantly. They're like weekend bands. During the week, they have real jobs, or in college. It's far, few and beyond of the bands that are down to fucking go on tour. Most of the time bands are always on tour. We're never in town when Sick of it All is on tour, or Murphy's Law, or Agnostic Front.

Meredith: Why has there been a change in the sound of your music? Why the record label changes?

Todd: You know what, we wrote a lot of those songs when we were still on Epitaph.

Toby: We took those songs out on the Saves the Day tour when we were on Epitaph.

Todd: We wrote that album for ourselves before we were on any label. We were an unsigned band and we wrote most of those songs.

Toby: We left Epitaph with nobody but our lawyer. We had no manager, no nothing. We just flowed w/ no record label. We're the type of band that slowly, every record, sounds a little different. And you have to keep creating. As much as we want the fans to love it, we need to like it too. We're the ones playing it and writing it. You have to progress every record. So many bands put out the same sound record over and over again. But we're growing and we want to grow too.

Adam: I think signing to MCA gave us the ability to make the record that we wanted to make that we couldn't on Epitaph. You've got to understand, like people think that when you sign to a major label, that label is going to have control over how you sound. But if you look at the credits on F.T.T.W., you'll see Brett Gurewitz, owner of Epitaph records, produces that record himself. How much more involved can the label be in defining your sound than when the owner of the label produces your record?

Meredith: Are there any last things that you would like to add?

Toby: I want to say thank you to anybody seeing this. We appreciate all the support that H2O has gotten in the last 6 years and it's because of you that we've had to come on the MCA and become major label sell outs, so you fucked us up!

-Everyone laughs-

Toby: God bless NY, God bless everyone that likes H2O.

Todd: Stay open-minded!

Meredith Goldberg is a staff writer. Contact her at meredith@rockzone.com.

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