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A Conversation With Nick Coyle
Samuel Barker
November 2, 2001

Nick Coyle

Samuel Barker: To being with, what is your name and what do you do?

Nick Coyle: Nick Coyle, lead vocalist.

Samuel: I know you guys are a pretty young band, is this your first real US tour?

Nick: Pretty much, yeah. We started off with Saliva and Stereomud back when we were in a van, that was actually the start of the tour. This is our first big tour with a bus. It's nationwide. This is the furthest out west we've gone. We've been to Phoenix before, but this time we're heading out to LA.

Samuel: Are you guys looking forward to seeing everything out there?

Nick: I lived there for three years when I was six to nine, so I remember it out there, but I've never partied out there, you know?

Samuel: Yeah. With you being the vocalist, how do you go about songwriting? Do you come to the band with lyrics or do you write lyrics to the music?

Nick: We kinda just start off jamming and I'll just start throwing stuff in there, mumbles, whatever. We don't start off with lyrics, more like melodies. Sometime if I have lyrics I'll try singing different melodies with those lyrics. Afterwards we go back and work out all the little bugs in the songs and I write the lyrics. Until then there aren't any words, just like Korn shit, like "blahhhh!"

Samuel: I know you guys started out winning the MTV cover band contest, were you ever surprised by the amount of attention you guys received by winning that or did you expect it with it being MTV and all?

Nick: We didn't really know what to expect. It was cool that everything turned out the way it did. We release our EP, we went into the studio and recorded our EP right after winning that, we sold a bunch of copies of that. We debuted at like #4. We sold a lot regionally. Some record labels saw us and were like "who is this band selling all these CDs" and they picked us up.

Samuel: Was it hard to find your own niche after winning a cover contest?

Nick: Well, our fans regionally, they had seen us and knew what we were all about. They knew we weren't a cover band. Now, a lot of people remember us from that show.

Samuel: Do you ever have problems with people yelling out requests of cover songs?

Nick: Ummm...no, the Lifer thing has really been catching on as it's own thing, so we haven't had to deal with that. We haven't played cover songs in two years.

Samuel: Are you guys working on anything new at the moment?

Nick: We got a couple of songs a few months ago. We have recording equipment with us on the road so we can put down ideas in our spare time. It's kinda hard living on the road and everything. We like to do a lot of it during sound check, but they usually get cut short lately.

Samuel: Has it been fun being on the road with Cold and Dope?

Nick: Yeah, it's been good. Those guys are all crazy, a lot of partying, a lot of drinking.

Samuel: So it's been nice to get out and get the lifestyle of touring down?

Nick: It's cool being in a different city every night. That's the thing about being a regional band, you see the same faces every night. You're up there and it's like "hey, there's Joe down there, he works at so and so." It's starts becoming like that and it sucks. But now that we're branching out it's getting a lot better.

Samuel: How has the response been? Being an opener, have you got a lot of fans approaching you after the set?

Nick: Yeah, the response has been great. A lot of people have the record and actually know the lyrics.

Samuel: Has it been cool to be somewhere away from home and have someone know your songs?

Nick: Yeah, it's really weird. It's weird being so far from home and having people know your songs. There are always a handful of people in the crowd who are singing every lyrics and it's cool to see.

Samuel: Do you work a lot to get the audience into the flow and let them get involved?

Nick: Yeah, if they're loud, I can definitely hold the mic down to them.

Samuel: So, who are you?

Tony: My name is Tony, I'm the turntablist, DJ, backup vocals, and screams.

Nick: Turntablist? Turntablist, that's a good one.

Tony: I scratch the records and make noise.

Samuel: So, doing the DJ thing, what led to you join this kind of band rather than doing club work?

Tony: Well, to be quite honest, I wasn't a DJ, I'm a drummer.

Nick: We just needed a DJ, and you had to do it.

Tony: Yeah, they needed a DJ and I knew the bass player, we jammed together our whole life so these guys threw around the whole 'we need a DJ' thing and I had friends who did it and I messed around with them, but I had never, ever done it professionally. I mean I'm definitely influenced by people now coming up from when I was coming up to now. It's fun being with the band and all, except for tonight when the stage is really small. These guys are going to be jumping around like crazy and my needles are gonna fucking go all over.

Samuel: Yeah, I saw, and it's even smaller with all the shit up there.

Tony: When we get big stages, it's really cool because nobody is near me. Smaller stages make it harder, but it's fun, and I have fun doing it.

Samuel: Is this one of the smaller venues on the tour?

Nick: I wouldn't say it's the smallest, it's just the stage. There have been some really small places, and there have been some really big places. It's usually like we're at a really kick ass place one night and the next we're at a shit hole.

Tony: This one isn't too bad.

Samuel: So where did you guys play last night?

Nick: Last night we were off in New Orleans.

Samuel: That sounds fun, loose in New Orleans.

Nick: We were loose.

Tony: Loose with a capital L.

Samuel: At least no one got arrested.

Nick: No, came close I think.

Samuel: So where exactly are you guys from?

Nick: Pennsylvania.

Samuel: Pennsylvania? Wow, you hear about this music coming out of Florida, but you never hear about the hard rock scene in Pennsylvania....So what is your name?

Aaron: Aaron, guitars.

Nick: (in british accent) Aaron, guitars.

Tony: Vic Savage, Keys.

Samuel: So how was it coming up in PA, were there any similar bands to play with?

Aaron: We did have a hard time finding people to open up for us.

Nick: Pretty much the cover shit, we played a lot, most people would book us. When got our original shit together, we'd get on when larger bands came through. We were with one of the larger booking agents in the area, so they'd throw us on to open all the larger shows. We played with Disturbed and a few other bands before we got signed.

Samuel: Did it help playing with the larger bands to see how they handled everything?

Tony: Yeah, to get the inside scoop. To this day we're still learning stuff about ourselves and the stage.

Nick: We pick up a lot from the other bands, both good and bad.

Samuel: Are you guys spending much more time on the road or are you heading home after this?

Nick: We're going to probably tour on this for another 15 months or so and then we'll go straight to the studio and record, or get a rehearsal hall. It all depends if we have the songs ready to go or not. We'll do that and get that record out, get on the road and do it again.

Samuel: Anything you'd like to add, say, or do?

Tony: Smoke weed and bring it to the shows and give it to us.

Samuel: So you accept all gifts?

Tony: We accept all major credit cards and we accept herbal favors.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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