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A Conversation With Alfredo, Johnny, Lee, and Jake
Samuel Barker
December 13, 2001


Samuel Barker: As always, what are your names and duties with the band?

Alfredo: Alright, I'm Alfredo, I play guitar and vocals for Madcap.

Johnny: I'm Johnny, I play guitar.

Jake: Jake, I play drums.

Lee: I'm Lee, I play tin whistle. Wait, sorry, bass.

Samuel: Alright, so how did you guys get hooked up on this tour with the Bouncing Souls?

Alfredo: On the Warped Tour. We met them and became friends and just kinda lucked out.

Johnny: I think this tour was not a set thing for anyone. It was kinda like the Bouncing Souls decided to take out who they were hanging out with at the time. We all did the Warped Tour together, except for One Man Army, but I think they have the same people book them.

Samuel: You guys are pretty young band, did it help getting out on the Warped Tour and seeing how everything is done?

Lee: It was great.

Rayanna: How long have you guys been together?

Alfredo: A few years, not too long. With this line-up, not too long.

Samuel: Is 'Stand Your Ground' you're first album?

Alfredo: It's our first national release.

Lee: Before that we did our own stuff.

Alfredo: We had a bunch of 7"s and CDs. They may be released someday.

Samuel: Was 'Stand Your Ground' new songs, or was it mostly older songs?

Alfredo: No, that's pretty old. We recorded it like two years ago.

Johnny: We already had it recorded when we signed to Sideonedummy, they decided instead of us doing a new album, since no one had heard the stuff we had, that they would release it.

Samuel: So are you guys working on getting new album together?

Jake: Yeah, recording in January.

Alfredo: Yeah, the new stuff is going to be really good.

Jake: I didn't get to record on the first album, I wasn't in the band yet.

Lee: That's how old it is.

Alfredo: It's really the best stuff to date.

Samuel: Have you been getting a good response playing the new songs live?

Alfredo: Yeah.

Lee: Probably because we have more energy on those songs.

Alfredo: Yeah, playing the old songs you've been playing for two years, it's hard to be like 'I love this song!' but the new stuff, we like it better because it's new.

Samuel: I see you guys had quite a few kids in for your set tonight, has the turn out been good when you guys have been playing?

Alfredo: Most shows have been sold out.

Lee: Yeah, pretty much everywhere.

Jake: Pretty much everywhere.

Lee: Sometimes it varies. At some places they'll let everyone in early or at some places they'll search everyone. So it takes a while to get in.

Alfredo: Yeah, that's happened a few times, like in San Francisco.

Lee: At the Filmore.

Alfredo: Yeah, at the Filmore. That's a huge place.

Jake: Yeah, they're cool. There has always been a pretty good response everywhere we go.

Johnny: It usually doesn't effect us either way. We are always going to give it our all. There are some bands that you can tell they aren't, but always give the same amount everytime.

Rayanna: Is it ever hard to get up for those shows?

Johnny: Oh yeah, you definitely feed off the audience. If the audience is having fun, so do you.

Alfredo: And if you're drunk it's even more fun.

Johnny: Exactly.

Samuel: I heard you say you were selling 'Stand Your Ground' for $6 on the road. Are you not worried about cost or are you just trying to make your music more accessable?

Lee: Oh, we make money off of it.

Alfredo: Our record label is really cool because originally they told us to pay this amount and to sell it for this amount, but then they said they were willing to take a loss at it if you take a loss at it and the kids can buy it for cheaper. So basically they won't charge us as much so we won't have to charge as much. So it works out well, the kids get it cheaper and we still get some money.

Samuel: And it helps get the music out.

Johnny: Oh yeah.

Lee: For sure, it's easy to sell CDs for $6.

Jake: Our goal isn't to make a ton of money on the road, it's to get our CD out, have people listen to it and to survive. It's working out well.

Samuel: Awesome...well, I have a tip on a question...what's up with the McDonald's story?

Lee: I don't know if this can go down in writing, it's more of a verbal thing.

Johnny: It's a long story.

Rayanna: Well, this is a 90 minute tape.

Johnny: Oh god.

Lee: Who tipped you, was it Eddie?

Samuel: No, we got the tip tonight.

Johnny: Alright, I will give you the short version...I was arrested for possession of stolen property and it wasn't money, it wasn't...

Rayanna: What, did you steal a napkin holder?

Johnny: I stole a napkin dispenser from McDonald's...actually a car load of them, and high chairs, stuff like that...I was really drunk and doing a lot of drugs at the time.

Rayanna: So it was just something to do?

Johnny: Pretty much. It's cool, I went to jail, I didn't get raped.

Rayanna: How long were you in there?

Johnny: Just for the night.

Lee: It was just the holding tank.

Johnny: Yeah, it was pretty much the holding tank.

Rayanna: So what, did they just take everything back from you?

Johnny: Yeah, and I'm banned from McDonald's and Burger King.

Samuel: That was something my friends and I used to do when we were younger.

Johnny: Steal napkin dispensers?

Samuel: Yeah, we'd just grab them when they were busy.

Johnny: Oh yeah, I held the place up.

Rayanna: You held the place up for napkin dispensers?

Lee: That's the funny part.

Johnny: I had my finger under my jacket like a gun and made everyone get on the floor.

Rayanna: You've got balls, I'll give you that.

Johnny: See, if you want to buy the CD of the guy who help up McDonald's for napkin dispensers, that's Madcap.

Rayanna: Do the CDs come with a free napkin dispenser?

Johnny: Yeah, they do.

Samuel: Great, so now people are going to start bringing napkin dispensers to your shows and ask you to sign them.

Johnny: No, it was a stupid thing, I don't really condone it.

Rayanna: Are you a clepto or is this a one time thing?

Johnny: I am, in a way, a thief. If something is there and it's some big place that owns it, and I don't give a fuck, it's not some mom and pop store, I'll take it. I'm cheap.

Alfredo: It's not like he'll steal your shoes.

Rayanna: So only from corporations?

Johnny: Yeah, and it's not like I'm some freedom fighter thief either, like if I'm in a truck stop on tour and the guy behind the counter is sleeping, I'm going to steal something. It's usually the way it is on tour.

Samuel: Well, to get back to where we were, what are your future plans for 2002?

Lee: Touring forever.

Alfredo: Touring and recording a new record.

Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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